Well…I Cracked

Gen has a blanket on. I made it all the way until the end of January though before I cracked. When I got to the barn this morning Gen was still inside and even in the barn he tail was tucked up and he was not warm between his legs (hahaha…that sounds so dirty!) I went back and fourth about it mentally. The low as 9 last night and the high was going to be 22. Last time it got this cold I was debating between putting the blanket on or not but I ended up not doing it. He never looked cold though. He just didn’t seem happy today. I wasn’t sure if it was just because they didn’t turn out yesterday so he was pissy or if he was cold, but I figured that if I could do something to make him feel more comfortable I should do it.

I put his medium weight on him and he nearly broke my heart because when he saw the blanket he turned his face away from me! I told him that he was not allowed to make me feel bad about this and he finally came over so I could dress him. The low tonight is going to be 5 and the high again tomorrow is 20. I am not sure if I did the right thing, but even if I just blanket him for 2 days it is not the end of the world right? I left a note on the board asking the barn owners to check and make sure Gen is comfy. If he is hot he can go down to a sheet or be naked again. While I am glad he was not shivering, I wish that there was a clearer way to know if I did the right thing. I guess I will find out tomorrow when I see him. If he is happier and comfy I made a good decision, if not I guess I am just a mean horse owner…


7 thoughts on “Well…I Cracked

  1. Don’t feel bad! You know your old man better than anyone.

    It sounds strange but some of them are colder IN their stalls — they stay warm by moving around and getting their circulation going. (Doesn’t apply if they can’t get out of the wind and rain, though!) But indeed, last night was BITTER, and the next few days seem to be shaping up the same way! One of our new guys doesn’t have much winter fuzz and he had to be blanketed today.

    Some horses just get to a level where they need more insulation than nature gave them.

  2. Blanketing is for the good of the horse. If they don’t need it – great. If they are COLD why would you hesitate to put a blanket on? Normally I clip, so blankets are required, but I had Scotty in my backyard one winter, not riding him and he had a coat like a wooley mammoth. He also let me know a few days/nights that he was cold. Those times he wore a blanket, the rest of the time he didn’t need it. You definitely made the right decision.

  3. Ditto nowthatsatrot.
    To blanket or not to blanket isn’t a measure of virtue, its a matter of comfort and health. So relax… you done right.

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