If I am writing a post about it I know I shouldn’t do it!

So the horrible thing about sales is that they make us want things that we don’t actually need. One of the big tack stores in my area (HO for you locals) is having their seasonal sale (they do 4 sales a year) where everything in the store except for supplements and medical stuff is on sale for 20-80% off. Normally this would be the perfect time to stock up on boots for Gen, get new clippers or just buy the things that I have been eyeballing for the past 3 months. The thing is that as of right now I do not need ANYTHING for Gen. I have plenty of spare halters and leads, enough vet wrap to cover my whole pony, and so many boots and wraps I could cover all four legs of the entire NYPD mounted unit.

Normally I would just not go to the sale then since I didn’t need anything, but there is something that I kind of want…a new pair of winter riding breeches. Last summer I was going crazy having so much horse stuff lying around that I cleaned house and brought a lot of things (although not nearly enough since I still have 3 brand new unused blankets and a crate full of other stuff) to sell on consignment. My beautiful jumping saddle sold and so did the 5+ pairs of breeches that I never used.

After the big sale I went through my stuff again and threw away my breeches that had more than 3 holes per pair. I didn’t give a whole lot of thought to what I got rid of until last week when I was getting ready for my lesson. I accidentally  got rid of all my winter breeches except for one pair…a pair that I hate because they are ultra low rise and thus make me feel like I am constantly mooning everyone at the barn. So I figured I would just tough it out for two months until I saw the sale flyer. It seems silly to walk around with freezing legs when I can get a nice toasty pair of winter breeches on sale…right?

So I guess my questions to you all is are winter breeches really worth it? If they are, what is a good inexpensive brand that I should look out for? I am thinking I want boot cut since with all my layers on last week it was a big fight to get my half chaps up. All my readers in crazy places like Maine and Minnesota I need your advice. And all my fiscally sensible readers I am half hoping you will talk me out of going since I really don’t need them. If I have to write a post to justify getting them I know that I don’t need them!!!! Why do I want them so bad?


17 thoughts on “If I am writing a post about it I know I shouldn’t do it!

  1. I can relate completely! If I could afford 10 pairs of Kerrits winter riding tights I’d just live in them all winter for riding and everything else too. They have a light fleece lining and I’ve worn my one pair to death. They aren’t carried locally anymore so I’ll have to go on line if I’m going to get more. I say for sure – go for the sale!
    – from Nova Scotia 🙂

  2. Get what you need to be comfortable. I just ordered a pair of winter paddocks. Mine bit the dust a couple of months ago and I thought I would just make do this winter (money is very scarce) but you know what? I can’t. My feet are freezing ALL the time and I am miserable. Good winter clothes are required. No suggestions on winter breeches. I have some heavy Anstaad Das that are very warm and otherwise I wear jeans with silk tights under. I have heard that the Tropical Riders with a hard outer surface and fleece inner are wonderful, but I don’t have any to report on.

  3. I’ll be an enabler….You need to be comfortable to ride well. If you are cold, you may be too stiff. If you are thinking about how you can’t feel your toes, you won’t be concentrating on the aids for half-pass. That’s all I’ll say.

  4. I have a pair of rain pants I bought online from SmartPak last year. They are wonderful for cleaning stalls or doing outside chores when it pours here (and when the wind blows, the rain is “horizontal” so jeans get soaked). I don’t usually ride in the rain–my tack is too expensive to get wet and it’s difficult to get a wet horse dry, too. Don’t want anyone “catching a chill,” for sure.

    When it’s really cold out (wind chill is the culprit), I wear Cuddleduds bottoms. They are very comfortable for riding (my breeches slide right on, too–a nice touch when otherwise I’d need a sky hook and axle grease to pull up the breeches). My problem in winter is cold feet–whether I’m wearing my old leather field boots or rubber riding boots (depending on the mud factor), my toes FREEZE because there is no circulation to the toes when the feet are in the irons. I wear footwarmer socks and they “sort of” work–and those tin-foil footbed things work if I warm them with my hairdryer before I put my foot in the boot.

    I’m like you, though, in the “extra tack” department. I’ve got tack and equipment for the horse I have never used. My vetwrap stash needs restocking, however. ;o)

  5. In frozen IL – I use the Irideon Cadence wind pro winter full seats. I will also wear tights under them for an added layer. They are a bit on the pricey side, but are warm and have a nice feel to the fabric. They have held up for me for several years. Just this month the full seat has started to get holes and looks like cheese cloth. I am trying to hold off buying a new pair- we only have 2 months left of winter.

  6. Try the Irideon Wind Pro breeches. They really do keep you warm…trust me. Were worn riding in the snowy mountains in Nevada!

  7. Why would you deprive yourself of one extra pair of comfortable and practical winter breeches when you afford your beloved horses more than they actually need (“3 brand new unused blankets”, etc.)?
    Just sayin’.

  8. Here in Maine, in the middle of yet another snowstorm…..sigh. Admittedly I do not ride that much in the winter but I do love my winter breeches for late winter/early spring conditioning.

    My oldest pair of winter riding breeches have no name…..all it says is Polartec on the label. They are black polar fleece. I love them because they are comfy and have a full seat. But they are not recommended because the polar fleece makes EVERYTHING stick to it! LOL! Especially in March when everyone is shedding!

    My other pair are comfy as well, but not full seat. They are by TuffRider and while they are polar fleece on the inside, the outer layer is a spandex like fabric. I remember them being on the cheaper side too. If they had a full seat they would be perfect to me….and I do think they make them but I have never felt motivated to buy a third pair! LOL!

  9. I just got a couple of recommendations from my daughter at Smartpak:
    She got herself the Mountain Horse Wicked Warm breeches and says they’re very warm. She got them on sale (plus employee discount).
    She also said the Kerrits Winter boot-cut breeches have good reviews.
    If you’re riding outside in the winter, you NEED to be warm. You need more than one pair so that if one is dirty, you can wear the other. This allows you to ride MORE frequently. If you intend to show this year, at some point you’ll either want or need to ride more! Therefore, a second pair of winter breeches is a MUST!
    My good deed as an enabler is done…..

  10. I have yet to find a decent pair of winter breeches. I live in Ontario, Canada. I believe in long underware, heavy wool socks and Columbia snow boots. I’m too old to care about fashion over warmth.
    I’ve tried winter Kerrits, and Elation all with long underware. Not warm enough! Still looking. So if you can find something warm and comfortable – do it. Buy those winter breeches. You deserve to be warm and comfortable so you can focus on riding well and enjoying your time with the horse.
    However, I have found the warm boots. This winter, I bought a pair of Ariat winter paddock boots with Thinsulate. I bought a size and a half larger than I normally wear. I can wear two pairs of thick wool socks (Windriver), and my feet stay warm.
    Good luck in your search.

  11. Yep, winter breeches are a necessity here in Idaho too. I like my Kerrits winter tights a lot, and I also like the Devon-Aire brand winter breeches. But if I were going to get another pair? I’d go with Mountain Horse. I’ve never bought anything of theirs that I didn’t love to bits.

    You definitely need winter breeches.

  12. I have two pairs of the Irideon polartec wind pro 3 season full seat…. love they way they feel, outside and inside. I have tried thermals with jeans, thermals with wind proof jogging pants, thermals with sweatpants. Last time we rode is was about 20 degrees out (less with wind chill) so I tried silk thermals under my Irideion’s, they kept me warm. I also have a pair of Mountain Horse full seat polar pants to wear OVER breeches (they are thick like snow pants) but they do have full zippers on both legs and boot straps. I was big and bulky but I hate being cold .

    I want a pair of boot cut riding breeches, but I may get summer weight for those. Keep in mind that there will be extra material in boot cut if your do wear half chaps. and I wonder how much cold air can creep up the boot cut.

    Invest in yourself so you have no excuse not to ride.

  13. I’ve never found a pair of winter breeches that was capable of keeping me comfortably warm, but maybe that’s because I’m one of those people who is ALWAYS cold 🙂 The past few years I haven’t done much riding in the winter when it gets REALLY cold (Minnesota & Iowa). My trainer always had the rule: No lessons if it’s less than 10 degrees. Now I think my policy is more like no riding if it’s under 20 degrees, heh. I will join in on the enabling: you have to be comfortable during lessons, otherwise you’re not getting your money’s worth, if you’re thinking more about how cold you are. I agree with Stablehands; I think we’re all guilty of affording our horses things we deny ourselves, but you deserve it!

  14. ALSO, you can wear w/ any winter breech you decide on: Cuddleduds from Target..they are light silky undergarments that keep you so toasty warm and dont add bulk, etc

  15. Yes, definitely winter breeches, and I have another suggestion. I just got a pair of Mountain horse active winter rider tall boots this year. They are absolutely wonderful!! I can walk my horse through snow drifts, ride and drive home all in the same warm boots. I wear a longer coat when not riding (and sometimes while riding in this weather) and between the longer coat and the tops of my boots there isnt much leg exposed. Even with normal breeches I dont get too cold, and combined with witner ones I’m toasty. It is negative something around 10 this morning- too cold to go look closely. No ride today- but tomorrow will be back around 30 – balmy!

  16. I have the Irideon and Devon Aire, and while I love them for a Tucson winter, I wouldn’t say they would be warm enough alone for other places. I also have the Mountain Horse Ice boots, and LOVE them – very warm, and I’d be happy to have them in super cold weather. In the 20’s and wet here they kept me comfortable from the knee down.

    What made me survive riding in 0-10 degrees in NH was full chaps. They last years and years, and are WARM! I could wear them with summer breeches. I found some on sale and an odd size – short for the width, meaning they fit midget legged me.

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