If I Die, Gen has to come with me…

So pardon the morbid post but I think it is something that all horse and pet owners should think about. Every once in a while when I lose a friend or hear a story like this one I think about what will happen to Gen if God forbid I die young. I am still in good health and am not that reckless, but you just never know when it will be your time to go. So instead of leaving things to chance I want to make my wishes clear.

First I want to tell you all what I have done to come up with my decision. When I moved to Hill Farm and saw how much the owner LOVES my Gennyral I asked if she would be willing to take my boy if anything ever happened to me. She told to stop being so morbid, asked if I was dying, and when I assured her that I was not she told me that I would never have to worry about my pony. If anything happened to me she would take him and love him like she was her own pasture pet. That was good to know, but I know how much attention my boy needs so I asked all my friends if they would visit him if I died. They also told me to stop being so morbid, but then they also didn’t say they would come by!

If people wouldn’t even placate me with an answer of yes while I am still alive there is no way they would come out and visit my boy after I died. So I was thinking and since my trainers barn is a pretty busy place and lots of my friends ride there or come by there that would be a good place. So I asked my trainer if she would take Gen if I died and do you know what she said? NO! Hahaha…I can’t believe she wouldn’t even say yes to a hypothetical taking of my pony. She pointed out the fact that my horse hates her and that he is a total pain the butt who would not be happy being a “second string” horse at her barn. And so while I am still mad that she wouldn’t say yes (for the record I would take her horse that doesn’t like me) I do understand why she wouldn’t want my pain in the butt pony that I love so much.

So that left me thinking. Would staying at Hill Farm without me be enough for my pony? The more I thought about it the more the answer was no. This is the horse who will hurt himself if he doesn’t feel like he is getting enough 1 on 1 attention. This is the horse that I pay to get coddled and groomed when I am on vacation. This is the horse who nickers and carries on like I have been away for months if for some reason I don’t go see him two days in a row. When I go away for the weekend he misses me. I know that my horse would be okay without me, I just don’t think that he would be happy without an owner that is all his own.

So that is why I think that if I die Gen should be put down. He has enough medical issues that I know my vet would agree to do it. He is also 19 so he is not a young horse by anyones definition. I might just be being selfish, but I really don’t think that my horse would be the same without me.

So that is my morbid post of the day, but I think it is a necessary post. Do you all have plans for your horses if something happens to you? Have you told people about them? Did this post make you think? I hope it did because I think being a responsible pet owner means having plans for emergencies, even those that will hopefully never happen.


6 thoughts on “If I Die, Gen has to come with me…

  1. If you died, I would go spoil Gen for you. I think your final decision is a reasonable one. Lucky for me, Ozzy is a charmer and people would probably fight to the death to keep him. Ozzy’s not quite ten yet so putting him down in the event of my death wouldn’t be fair. My friend Cara agreed to take him and keep him with her thoroughbreds (they don’t beat anyone up). She loves riding Ozzy and appreciates his quirks so it would work out. The one thing I made VERY clear is that he is not to go into the SRF program, no matter what happens (my boss offered). For the record, I don’t think this is morbid. I think it’s good planning.

  2. I don’t htink its morbid at all. I had made my wished clear on one of my mares, she’s going with me. Currently, she is 17 & being that she is a “New Holland Special” who never really recovered from her abuse & neglect, she would be a tough cookie for anyone, so she goes when I go. My TB mare on the other hand would have a number of people lined up to arm wrestle for her.

  3. I think it’s important to have a plan in place based on what’s best – and what’s realistic – for our horses. I think your plan is probably a good one for a high-maintenance pasture pet (but a very well-loved one!). If you don’t have someone who will love and spoil him as much as you, it makes sense.

    Fortunately, Ace is still relatively young, quite healthy, with a laid-back easy to work with personality. Right now, if something happened to me or I couldn’t take care of him, I would send him to my mom. Penny is old and semi-retired. Ace can do what my mom wants in a horse and I know what kind of home he’d have. I mentioned it to her once and I think she’d be all for it (Dad may need a little convincing).

  4. Haha? Do I have plans? You bet I do. I have a Will made up leaving my horses to my trainer, and have named her as the beneficiary on my life insurance poilicy (which raised some eyebrows with the HR people at work, haha) so that she can support them for a while. She and I have discussed at length what treatments/surgeries I think are appropriate, what I think she should do with both of them, and under what circumstances I think each one should be put down. I’ll be leaving behind a pile of student loan debt, so nothing else really needs to be spelled out, but the horses are taken care of. They’re my kids! (And for the record, I would take your horse.)

  5. My 29 and 20 year old mares are to be put down if I die. No one will EVER take care of them like I do. My five year old mare could go back to NJ and I am sure they could rehome her for me. I think it is good to have a plan. 🙂

  6. Our plan is that if something happens to me, my husband will continue caring for Casey. Casey will go to my son, who loves him dearly. But if that can’t happen, Casey will be put down. I’ve thought about this all in depth many times and that is what’s best for Casey.

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