My blog is styling!

So Dom from “A Collection of Madcap Adventures” was kind enough to bestow the stylish bloggers award to me!

Cool right? There are 4 duties to perform to receive this award:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this award

2. Share 7 things about yourself

3. Award 15 recently discovered great bloggers

4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award!

So the thanking part is easy. Dom lives like freakishly close to me, yet I have never met her. Crazy right? Even more crazy is the fact that I know tons of horse people that she knows, so people will start talking to me about her thinking that I know her…even though I don’t. It makes me feel like I know her though so Thank You Dom! I love reading your blog and am always scanning the pictures and stories just in case that 4 year old lightly raced black gelding with a nice blaze and a great personality shows up at the farm. For those of you looking for a blog with good stories and amazing pictures check out her blog .

So 7 things about myself that you don’t already know…

1) This quote totally sums up my personality…”I like flaws and feel more comfortable around people who have them. I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.” – Augusten Burroughs. I have a good heart and everything I say and do comes from a good place. Well with the exception of number 7 on this list.

2) I would much rather be a big fish in a small pond when it comes to showing. I am perfectly happy being the only person in a class and would rather get a score 5 points lower and get a blue with no competition then a better score in a big class and place out of the ribbons. I keep trying to tell you all that I am totally shallow when it comes to ribbons!!! I don’t think you understand how really bad I am!!

3) I would love to be a show manager. I am sure it is not as much fun as I think it is, but all the things I am good at such as following the rules, creating schedules, working with people, etc are the things that you need to be a good show manager. I wish I could put together shows and use that as my “horse money”!

4) I am constantly putting my foot in my mouth when I talk to fancy pants dressage people. I don’t know why, but I say just the dumbest things ever that make me look really bad. Just this summer at USET I was talking to well known show manager and rider when I said that trying slow down the canter made the School Master go in to half steps. Yeah, I sounded like a winner there. I had meant to say sitting to the trot. The woman just looked at me like I was an idiot…I guess if the shoe fits 😛 I am always doing stuff like that though!

5) I love to make horsey themed confections. I dream of someday having a little side business where I can sell my candies and confections to fellow horse lovers. I want to sell little gift baskets that people can give to friends for big life events like getting a new horse, going to their first show, selling a horse, or even changing trainers. What stops me? I never feel like my stuff is good enough to be sold. Maybe someday…

6) I get annoyed with Gen when he is in a bad mood for many days in a row. I don’t mind a pissy pony now and again, but when he is being a jerk for four days in a row I start to get annoyed with him. I am like one of those people who thinks that rich people are not allowed to be sad. I think to myself “What on earth does Gen have to be mad at?? He has everything and does nothing, he is not allowed to be mad”. I literally have to take a deep breath and remind myself that Gen is his own pony and he is allowed to feel however he wants to feel!

7) I want to have kids someday. Not only that, but I am going to be that crazy parent who makes their children do the things that they wanted to do but could not. My kid is so going into the leadline class at Devon regardless of how they feel about it. I know! I am so mean! You should all feel bad for my poor kid that I don’t even have yet!

Now the fun stuff, Passing it on!!! I must say that is is HARD to find 15 blogs that are new to me. The first few were easy, but after looking around and reading some posts I was able to expand my blog horizons.

1) A Year With My Horse, I want to give a little shout out to this blog and add my seal of approval because I actually know this blogger in real life. For my long time readers if you remember SpeedysMom, Who then was PJandSpeedysMom who is now just PJsMom? Well she FINALLY decided to start her own blog. She is an amazing writer and I am sure that we can all related getting a new pony and all the fun that comes along with that. PJ is also pasture buddies with my Phoenix so who knows, maybe the spotted one will make some cameos someday.
2) Golden the Pony Girl
4) Transition to Harmony
5) Moondance Ranch
6) Slow and steady smile wins the race
7) Riding from the ground up
8) Nina’s Story
9) TB Eventer, Chasing a dream
10) Robin of Rock Ridge
11) a dressage training journal
12) Supersize my Cob
13) Retraining an adult eventing rider
14) A Fearsome Beauty
15) Team Taco


11 thoughts on “My blog is styling!

  1. Even crazier: I met your horse last year, but STILL haven’t met you. We should definitely hang out some time. I used to live in Hopewell and board around the corner from Hill Farm (I actually used to ride Ozzy down that street). I’m a little further away now. Only in Ewing though.

  2. I think #5 is absolutely fantastic idea! I remember when I got Ace I got several horse-warming gifts, which were a complete and incredibly sweet surprise. Now Ace even gets Christmas presents from some of the horsey people in my life. I love it even more when people do something nice for the horsey achievements in my life. I was way more excited about horse-warming gifts than I was my house-warming gifts. It just shows how well people know me when they know that too. I say do it! I will be your first customer.

    And I’m so glad you pointed out that PJs Mom is A Year With Horses. I love her blog! And I’ve seen her around the blogosphere forever and hadn’t put two and two together.

  3. In regards to #5, I think that’s an amazing idea! Next time you make something, post some pictures! Oh, and thanks for the award! Now the tricky part, picking 15 more blogs…

  4. I just had a couple of your chocolates today and they are so good enough to be sold! Those yummy caramel or whatever they are filled with ones – amazing! And the dark chocolate with the sprinkles – another winner. I am getting a craving just typing about them 🙂
    And secondly, my child will be riding right along with yours in leadline at Devon, so no worries. Looking on dreamhorse I pick out ponies for my imaginary child even lol. If only I was as dead set on actually having kids as you are… hmm maybe I will just live vicariously through your children actually. They need a groom?

  5. Thank you so much! Very kind.
    I love your post – very honest and funny. The pieces about your shallow love of ribbons (I’m with you!) and your future child are priceless.
    Keep up the entertaining writing!

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