I think I found Gennyral’s Kindred Spirit

So I was surfing youtube last night for a specific horse video when I found this one instead. Just watch the first minute of it…

It reminded me so much of Gen on a bad day that I had to watch it three times in a row. I love that the horse isn’t really scared of the camera in the corner, it just doesn’t want to go by it and thus pitches a fit…and has a grand time doing it. Notice how the horse looks rather pleased with itself after it keeps going up. And I must say that the rider reminded me of myself also, from the “I am trying really hard to be relaxed and calm yet my back is as stiff as a board” to the “oh shit” accidental pull on the reins to the “I am going to just let you go forward so you better canter if I give you rein and kick you”. I am not saying that is a good way to ride at all, just that it really made me remember some not so good days on Gen. For all of you who wonder why I don’t ride him that video should shed some light on the matter. Imagine if the horse in the video had a bad leg and add to that the fact that I am only allowed to walk and that might give you an idea of why he is a pasture puff. He is without a doubt getting calmer with age though so maybe someday I will ride him again, but not until he acts more like a saint and less like the horse above.


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