Can we photo shop my horse in real life?!?!?!

Imgaine my surprise when I check the comments from the last post and I get a link to a photo that a reader claims is a clean Gen.

I know my horse, and he is NEVER clean so of course I eagerly clicked it and check it out…

Clean Gen!

Thank you Sarah!!!! I don’t know how you did it, but I love it. It makes me very happy to see a clean pony, even if the cleanness is totally fake. My hope to give him a bath before the next snow storm has been dashed because it looks like we are getting another one tonight. At least now I have a pretty picture of my fuzz ball! Thank you again Sarah!!


7 thoughts on “Can we photo shop my horse in real life?!?!?!

  1. oooo…I wanna clean pony too!!! I also have a yellow er white horse. Made the mistake and took her blanket off the day before we scheduled to trail ride (the temps were warm enough not to warrant a blanket)…imagine my shock to find her the next day covered in mud…..aaaa to own a white horse. She doesn’t lay down or roll that often…only when I’d her to be clean.

  2. You’re welcome! The answer to how I did it – Photoshop and lots and lots of layers. 😀 Glad I could help. I love reading your blog, so when I saw the photo I’m like ‘Hey! That’s something I can help with!’

    I had fun doing it. If Gen needs a virtual bath in any other fantastic photos just let me know.

  3. That is a damn good photoshop job. If you didn’t tell me it was fake, I never would have guessed. While we’re at it, can we shop straight legs onto Ozzy?

  4. Now if only there was a way to translate that to real life – so that instead of scrubbing my gray beast with quicksilver to try to get him some shade of clean I could just keep adding layers with the click of a mouse.
    Hmm actually I see some fun.. I think I am going to photoshop some spots on a pic of the Boomerang and see what he would look like as an appaloosa 😀

    Great idea and great job on the pic Sarah!

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