Who knew walking up to the barn could be so dangerous?

So I fell today. Three times. And no, I have still not ridden so it was not off the back of a horse. I fell trying to GET to my horse. Sigh. It snowed yesterday and Friday, neither day a ton, just a few inches total. Just enough to be super slippery and slick, especially combined with the sun and its melting effects today.

I have had Gen at the same barn for years now and I have learned to NOT drive up the driveway because I have gotten stuck so many times! For some reason more so than any other barn I have been at this driveway is just the perfect mixture of incline and narrowness that makes it impossible for my normal sized car to make it to the barn. So I have learned to park at the end of the driveway and just walk up.

Today I was all excited because it was beautiful out, nice and sunny with a clear blue sky. I knew it would be the perfect day to take my yearly snow pictures of Gen gallivanting in a winter wonderland. All I need to do is take off his halter and Gen knows it is time to play. So I was day dreaming of the great shots I was going to get as I walked up the mini hill to the barn when the first fall happened. My feet just slid out from under me and I fell to my knees. I was okay, just startled.

As I got to the field Gen was waiting for me at the gate. I grabbed him and gave him a nice grooming, broke the ice in his water and brought him back out for his photo shoot. Gen knew right away what I was doing so he started to carry on right away…and then he started to slip. I have noticed that even though he is barefoot he gets snowballs so I told him to stop playing. He agreed after a little bribe of some cookies and a neck scratch. I went to get his halter to put back on him and as I was walking up I started to slip again. This time I was on a big hill, but I was also close enough to my horse so I grabbed Gen to save me. He is such a good egg that he just stood there was I pulled his hair until I got my feet under me again.

I walked very slowly and carefully back down the driveway but just as my car was in sight I fell again! This one was a doozy. At the end of the driveway is a little hill. I just started going down when my feet started to slide. In an effort to save myself I tried to take a step to save myself, but to no avail. I was falling hard right on my back so I threw my right hand down to stop the fall. As my had made contact with the snow covered gravel I thought I was going to be okay…until my hand slipped and I fell and hit my head. Ouch!

I am glad that at least some of my momentum was stopped by my hand, but now my hand, arm and shoulder are killing me! So is my back and my head. I knew horses were dangerous, but who knew just going to see my horse would put me in peril! The upside to being covered in snow is that at least I got ice right on my booboos. I think I am going to wear a different pair of boots to the barn tomorrow because the ones I had on today were clearly not cutting it!


7 thoughts on “Who knew walking up to the barn could be so dangerous?

  1. You’re having one of those “I should wear a helmet before I get out of bed” days. I have days like that all the time. I got adjusted today (the chiropractor who does horses started out doing people). He’s wonderful, and I told him I felt pretty good (haven’t seen him for months–the day he comes to the barn near me is usually a horse event my dressage chapter puts on, so I can’t always go see the chiro).

    However, I had a couple of ribs that needed adjusting, my neck needed a tweak AND he worked on my right leg which had a KILLER charley horse a few days ago and also needed adjustment.

    Maybe you should take it easy for a few days. If things aren’t “feeling right,” get an adjustment. I know exactly how you’re feeling. Ow ow ow.

  2. You need a pair of Yaktrax. They just stretch over your shoes so you can safely walk on ice. They are great! I had a nasty fall and broke my arm one icy day – it’s Yaktrax for me now!

  3. Esh be careful!!
    I use PAM spray on Laz’s hooves and it seems to help although really only temporarily. He’s also never on cement so I don’t worry about that otherwise I would never spray it.

    As for you…Muck boots artic are awesome for winter. Worth every penny and strong grid for slippery surfaces

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