The downside to only riding one day a week…

It is snowing yet again today. I knew it was going to and since the barn where the schoolmaster is an hour and I HATE driving in the snow I decided to cancel my lesson yesterday. Looking at the cars slide along the road outside I think I made a good decision. The problem is that last Sat was New Years and the Sat before that was Christmas. That means that I have not ridden in three weeks! And now it is going to be four. This is not the start I wanted as far as riding goes in 2011…

This is going to be a long week because anyone who knows me can tell you that when I go too long without riding I turn into a total crab.


4 thoughts on “The downside to only riding one day a week…

  1. I know how that feels. It’s even more frustrating when you are paying to half board a horse and on your days to ride you can’t get there for one reason or another. Not only are you missing riding but you are paying for it, too.

  2. We used to board and take lessons at a place that was about 50 miles away and took close to an hour to drive to. We lasted about a year and midway into the second winter I had to bail. I just couldn’t make that drive in another freakin’ snowstorm! I feel your pain.

  3. I know exactly how you feel!! And for me, in the winter the longer I go without riding the harder it is to get motivated to go ride. But once I do the world is right again! Dont worry you will be better soon!!

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