The Glass is Half Full Right?

Imagine my surprise when I showed up to the barn yesterday with temperatures in the 40s and this is what I saw.

No, I was not surprised by the boots. I knew that the barn owner put those on because the footing was sloppy on top and frozen underneath (not a good combo for tendon health). What I was surprised by was the fact that my mud loving pony was still clean!!

And then he turned around.

All well. At least I only had to scrap mud off half a pony right? I cannot wait until it gets over 50 degrees so I can give him a bath!!! It is not going to happen for a while though. At least it will freeze again soon. This mud is by far the worst part of having a naked pony! He rolled all over today so I don’t know what got in to him yesterday, but I hope he keeps it up! I would love to have a horse that didn’t roll.


11 thoughts on “The Glass is Half Full Right?

  1. Well at least you know he’s able to roll and itch those itchy spots himself! Laz is trying to roll through his blanket, in 20 degree weather.
    Gen looks very happy! 🙂

  2. Wow, funny. I went to the barn on Sunday, and that’s EXACTLY like exactly exactly what Arty (my flea-bitten grey pony) looked like. Save the fact he’s a 14.1h arab mix, he even rollled on the same side. Only, he managed it a day earlier 🙂

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