One of the reasons I love the Rose Bowl Parade so much…

is because I think it is the most horsey of all the parades out there. While I am consistently disappointed with how little TV coverage the horse units get during the actual parade this year I had two pleasant surprises.  The first was the discovery of something called Equestfest. RFDtv had live coverage of demos from all of the equine unites who rode in the parade! It was amazing to see some of these drill teams in action. In fact, it made me want to ride on a drill team so bad. I love costumes, chaos, music and having fun so I think I would be a great drill team member…minus the fact that I don’t have a horse to ride at the moment (details details). It is a total dream of mine to ride a horse in a parade one day. I know, I am such a dork!

Surprise number two came in a much larger scale…

How cool is that float?!?!?! I think it is beautiful. It is hard to believe that it is made with all natural decorations. I know the picture is not great, but let me tell you it looked stunning on TV!

Happy 2011 everyone!


6 thoughts on “One of the reasons I love the Rose Bowl Parade so much…

  1. Cool float! I love watching drill teams too….I think I am too much of a wimp to do it…those girls are fearless! I saw a performance up in Canada were they turned off the lights and they had lighted costumes. They were blurs going at top speed around the arena…I think I held my breath the WHOLE time. It was amazing.

  2. Cool about the features on the horse units in the parade – we don’t have access to RFDtv here in Canada, I don’t think…

    Drill teams are very cool – it would be fun to ride with one. It would take a lot of work to do a routine, that is for sure!

    I rode in a very small parade on my pony when I was a kid, does that count? 🙂

  3. My last horse would have puffed up like a peacock if he had a chance to strut his stuff!
    I love drill teams, and I never thought it was a dorky to want to ride in one ;). Maybe they would have a drill team for older OTTBs that can’t be ridden, like companion animals. How cute would that be??? Deck them out and just hand walk them!

  4. I marched with my band in the rose parade last year and those horses are SAINTS. You a have to get there hours early and they plant you on the highway and make you wait… Eventually you have to walk up an on ramp to get to the parade route… It’s a lot to take in as a person let alone as a pony!

    Drill team is also lots of fun and not that scary! Defiantly takes a lot of time and practice but in the end every rider and horse knows exactly where they have to be at every moment and it works out… And at the very least it’s funny when it goes wrong!

  5. My daughter and I have both rode in drill teams and they are a blast even if you never get to perform for anyone. It’s a great experience for both horse and rider and not scary at all. You start in tiny little bits and build on what you learn. The hardest part is learning to match your speed to another horse that might be clear across the arena and going in the opposite direction! We had a group of us “old” ladies that get together to practice and then when we were all done and horses put to bed, we’d break out a bottle or two of wine and sit around the barn swapping stories. It was one of the best times of my life!

  6. I didn’t watch much of the parade but I got to see that float. It was stunning as you say and I heard them say that lots of coconut was used on it. Very interesting.

    I think it might be fun to ride in a parade sometime. I guess if that makes us dorks, that’s ok with me. LOL

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