So this horse gets a gold star…

I was looking at the news online and came across this story about how on this specific Shiate holiday you have to touch a horse. I looked at the picture attached to the story and at first thought it was a fake horse, but after a closer look THIS IS A REAL HORSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And a good horse at that. I wouldn’t be able to stand their calmly but that horse is just taking it all in. I WANT IT. Next time you are in Afghanistan could someone please buy him for me? I still can’t get over what a good horse it is.



9 thoughts on “So this horse gets a gold star…

  1. I have to agree with nowthatsatrot! But, yes, he seems to be more than a good horse. He’s a saint! I couldn’t handle being in that crowd.

  2. although my horse probably would’ve preformed the same, (very laid back mare) you think they would’ve have some kind of organization to it………

  3. I should point out that this horse was bred to do just this. He is a descendant of the horse Muhammad rode. In their religion, the lineage of this horse holds great importance as well as this ritual.

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