Remembering the Sainted Paint

Today is the two year anniversary of Lexi’s death. Last week I did a write up about my Lexi for the GMO newsletter and thought I would share them with you. I am not sure which version they will pick to publish, but I would love to know which version you all like better. A lot has happened in the last  two years but one big thing X taught me was how a horse should behave at a show, a lesson that carried over to Phoenix. He was amazing and I hope that he is galloping around the fields in heaven right now.

Remembering the Sainted Paint (version 1)

If you knew Lexi, you loved Lexi. Over time he earned the nickname,
“The Sainted Paint” for his wonderful personality. He started off life
as a polo pony but eventually found his calling as a Hunter. Under the
name Excalibur he got a reputation for being the horse everyone wanted
to ride. By the time he was in his late teens he was a well known and
well respected horse that dozens of people could point to and say that
they rode to success in the show ring. Lexington would earn more
ribbons in a single year than many horses do in a lifetime. He showed
so many people the joy of riding by teaching lessons and packed along
many people in the show ring.

Lori was not in the market for a horse when Lexington came in to
her life. He became an Eventer and found his true calling. He
absolutely loved to gallop around cross country where never spooked or
refused a jump. When he knew it was time to go out for a gallop he got
a spring in his step that veiled his true age.

During the last year of his life Lexington became exclusively a
dressage horse. He found it challenging, but he was always happy to
learn something new. Lexi’s true love was always showing. He didn’t
care what discipline he was doing as long as an audience was involved.
Lexington was a horse that loved life all the way up to his last day.
He brought joy to countless people over the years and will always be
missed by those, like me, who were lucky enough to know him.

Remembering the Sainted Paint (version 2)

When my OTTB Gennyral was hurt in March of 2007 and had to be retired
I thought my riding career was over. I knew I could never afford two
horses. My friend Lori stepped in and changed my life by
offering her horse Lexington for a very affordable half lease. Lexi
was a “been there, done that” hunter with many titles under his belt
and I can honestly say that being able to ride him changed my life. I
had been dealing with the heart break that horses can cause and
temporarily forgotten about the joy they can bring.

Being around Lexi you could not help but be happy. He absolutely
adored working and would get excited when he saw you walking over with
a halter in your hands. His favorite thing in the world was cross
county which combined his love of jumping with his steady and
confident nature. I can honestly say that in my year of riding him
Lexi never spooked and only bucked once leaving the ring after a
victory gallop at the 2008 ESDCTA Championships because he wanted to
go around again.

What made Lexi so special was his personality. You could tell that he
loved his life. He didn’t just self load on the trailer, he would
often trot up the ramp in his excitement to go out on another
adventure. He taught me that pure joy should be a part of every trip
to the barn. He earned the nickname “The Sainted Paint” for all his
good behavior over the years. We lost the closest thing I have ever
found to the perfect horse in December 2008. I will be forever
grateful that I knew such an amazing horse, even if it was only for a
short time.


16 thoughts on “Remembering the Sainted Paint

  1. Great stories. My favorite is the second version – it’s more personal and direct. He sounds like an amazing horse, and he must have been fortunate in having good owners who treasured his personality.

  2. I’ll add to the “vote count” by saying I like parts of each because the first one has more detail about Lexi’s beginnings and the last one includes personal information about the two of you together.

    Regardless of which one the GMO newsletter chooses to run, however, they MUST include that picture. Talk about a happy rider on a confident and willing horse. I’ve been fortunate to have two such “stellar fellows” in my riding career and you can’t beat that with a stick ;o) Every moment spent with horses like that make memories that stay with us forever.

  3. Both versions are wonderful. You did a wonderful job on both . Version 1 is more professional. Version 2 is more personal. I like Personal myself. It brings you into the story. Really happy that you had a horse that brought you so much joy!

  4. I like Version 2. Lexi was a truly wonderful horse and you’re right, he was pretty darn close to perfect. I’m glad that I knew him. I hope he’s galloping around in heaven right now too.

  5. I liked both… I think I’ll vote for version 1 just to even things up a bit 😉 I liked the more personal qualities of version 2, but I also liked hearing a bit of the background information provided in 1. I think reading 1, and then 2 is probably the best way you could go, but that’s just me. He sounds like an amazing horse!

  6. Wonderful writing! I loved the second version. It told me a lot more about Lexi and why the nickname “Painted Saint.” I marvelled at the notion a horse would be happy to see a halter and would want to work. I’ve never met a horse like that. Your Lexi truly was truly an unusual horse.
    I did read version one first and had some background knowledge that helped me with the second version. Maybe a combination of the two would be the best. I would love to read more about this Lexi.

  7. Both were wonderful. I like version one a bit more just because it gave more details about Lexi’s history. Either one though definitely pays him the tribute he deserves! I miss him every day. Thanks so much for the wonderful words about him!

  8. I like them both, but if I had to choose, it’s the first version. I enjoyed reading about him and his history, because I didn’t realize all of those details about him. Either version they print will be a fun read!

    I am sorry for your loss, and for his owner’s loss. He was a beautiful boy, and sounds like he was just all around wonderful!

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