The horse that was not meant to be – Part 3

I stopped us all right there and thanked her for her time and explained that I was only interested in owning a horse, nothing else. I was ready to leave and we had not even gotten to the gate! The horses owner said that she was looking for a lease, preferably a multi year one. I told the woman that I had no interest in a lease, again thanked her for her time and was ready to head out of there. The Barn Owner of Gen’s figured we might as well take a look at him since I had heard so much about it. It was cold, but we were all curious so I figured that it can’t hurt to just look…right? As we were walking out we asked the horses Owner what she meant by a multi year lease and man am I glad that we did! She wanted someone to take over the expenses, train him, show him, etc but still let her own him and ride him 1-2 days a week.

As I heard that I really wanted to GET OUT because that is not the kind of situation I want to be in AT ALL. It was just as I decided I wanted to run away that a very cute looking Chestnut picked his head up to check out this group of four people that were walking towards him. I snapped a few pictures and was ready to leave. He did look like he had good legs. It is impressive to have a 10 year old with no bumps or anything on his legs. He also had his stranger danger alert on and was very worried about having so many people around him. I actually found that to be cute because Gen used to be like that before he found out that the world is a safe place.

This horse looked us all over and you could clearly see that he was a smart boy. He was trying to figure out who we were and what we wanted. After first meeting us he seemed to worry less and just stood hanging out while we chatted for another few minutes. He did seem like the kind of horse I would like. Wary of strangers but curious at the same time. Intelligent and a little introverted. He seemed like a good guy. I could see right away why Lori thought he would be perfect for me and it also wasn’t too hard to figure out why the trainer had wanted me to see him. He could be a really nice horse with some love and attention.

The horses owner though was making me a little crazy. I could clearly see why the trainer had thought one thing and the owner something else because the horses owner kept contradicting herself. She was saying things like,”I love my horse so much I could never let go” and 2 sentences later “when I sent him down to Maryland for training so I could sell him” and “I love him so much and take such good care of him” only to have her say that she comes out maybe 1 day a week if that. The Barn Owner of Gen’s could tell that this woman was in way over her head and put in some good words for me, which was nice, but then came the offer of “You can come out and ride him for free”.

I was getting a little frustrated at this point. This was clearly not going to work out at all. If I were desperate I would ride anything, but I am not desperate at all. I really didn’t want to train this womans very green horse for free, especially since she could no longer afford board.  As of last weekend she had not been able to pay for December. I am admittedly judgmental about horse ownership (I really can be a total bitch about what I expect from a horse owner) and it was really pissing me off that this woman who lives 15 minutes away from the barn and driving a new car couldn’t afford him or see him more than 1 day a week. It was also really annoying that here she was on a nice clear December day already at the barn and she couldn’t even be bothered to bring her horse up to the barn to brush him? Yet she loved him too much to give him up. Even though she cannot afford board in December? And she wants to sell him?

Needless to say I drove away pretty disappointed. We ended up going to the Dunk and chatting which was nice and made the morning worthwhile. I feel like I NEVER get to see Marissa anymore so it was fun to catch up and have some warm coffee on a very cold day. I ended up having so much fun and losing track of time and being over half an hour late for my lesson!!! Ooops! All in all though it was worth it to at least go and look because it made me realize that I really do miss having a horse that I can do stuff with. Not that Gen isn’t great, because he totally is, but it is more like the fact that prior to talk to Lori I was basically out of the horse world and okay with it.

After thinking about getting a second horse I realized that I do miss riding most days and all the fun that comes along with that. My trainer, the Barn Owner at Gen’s and Marissa are all going to keep their eyes open for another free to a good home horse for me. I don’t want to buy a horse. I would much prefer to feel like I am saving a horse from a bad fate (yes, I am keeping an eye out for a rescue as well). For now though I am just going to enjoy Gen and the Schoolmaster. If no second horse comes around that is okay. It is kind of a big step to say that I am even open to it. After almost 6 years with Gen I thought he would be my one and only pony…and he still might be. It feels good to admit though that I think my heart is big enough for two horses.


12 thoughts on “The horse that was not meant to be – Part 3

  1. I have a sound and sane six year old available 😛 This entire situation was such a disaster. I’m glad you didn’t decide to get involved. I feel bad for the horse, but there’s no winning with an owner like that.

  2. I don’t have much respect for owners like her. Wonder what she’s going to do when Jan. Feb. March etc. rolls around and she can’t pay her board. And if she can’t pay her board, is she paying farrier, vet bills either? That horse is very nice and deserves a good rider and better owner, don’t be surprised if you get another call around Jan. telling you she thought it over and he’s yours. You never know.

  3. He’s cute and all, but I’m glad you ran the other way. You went through the ringer this summer and you don’t need a situation like that again!

    I think you should get a Standardbred so that you can go for the All-Breed Awards again. There’s only like 4 of us so you’re bound to get a ribbon! 😀

  4. Don’t count him out totally yet. I have a feeling the owner will be changing her tune after not being able to pay another month’s board. Maybe the BO/trainer will have to take him on lien and then you’ll get him????

    Seemed like a positive experience all the way round for you.

  5. Well I didn’t mind the trip, though it sure was disappointing for you. On the plus side for me, I got to meet the one and only Gen (can you all believe I’ve known OTB for years and just met her horse???), so the morning wasn’t a total loss as far as I’m concerned. I am keeping my eyes and ears open for you. You never know. I know I told you this in person already, but I will say again that I was thoroughly impressed with how straightforward and professional you were with this woman when you realized that the situation wasn’t what you wanted, and politely explained that to her. You’re such a good person, the right horse will come your way, I’m sure of it.

  6. What a story! I couldn’t wait for part three. Unbelievable! This owner is not mentally stable and I agree with the others that you will hear from her soon. If she doesn’t have the board money she will be looking for a quick fix, or the barn owner will confiscate the horse in lieu of board.

    I feel very sorry for her horse. If she does contact you and offer the horse, I would get the offer in writing and any other legal safeguard you can get.

  7. Oh wow.. you kept us all hanging with this one!!! While the horse is freaking adorable, I am proud of you for being the adult and walking away. Burn me once, shame on you, burn me TWICE, shame on ME 😉

    Who knows… he might wind up with you yet, on YOUR terms. And if he does not? Well, there is no saying that another horse who needs YOU won’t come along!!

    BIG BIG BIG Christmas-y Kisses to GennY!!!!!

  8. Wow..that is incredibly awkward!! Good for you for not falling head over heels in love and getting yourself into something you don’t want to do.
    This lady is nuts. If I needed to have someone ride/train my horse, I would be BENDING over backwards to have him set up with the right person and be drilling them..not so flighty like this lady! The right horse will come along, with the right situation. How exciting………………!

  9. Its too bad it didn’t work out, he’s definitely a good looking boy. Still, you’ve probably saved everybody a lot of pain by just walking away. Out of curiosity, did you leave an email or anything just in case?

  10. Wow, I had wondered what the story would be when you didn’t take him home.

    What a nutcase owner. How sad that she isn’t willing to let him go to a good home, when she is not paying his board OR giving him the time and attention that he totally deserves. I wonder if you will get a New Year’s boy, rather than an early Christmas boy. I have a feeling you haven’t heard the last about this horse. If she couldn’t pay 1 month’s board, how is she going to catch up and pay 2, and then 3, etc. Unless she gets a generous check from Santa, my guess is this horse is going to need a home one way or another. If so, I hope it works out for you. He’s adorable!

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