The horse that was not meant to be – Part 2

By the time Saturday morning rolled around I was beyond excited. I told Gen he might be getting a brother and I was planning a trip to the tack store to buy light blue things since I thought that would go nicely with a Chestnut. On the way to the barn though I was reminded not to count your chickens before they hatch. The horses owner called me and introduced herself saying that the trainer was not going to be around today, what time should she meet me at the barn. I told her 9am and she said that she had just woken up, but that she could be there by 9:20.

That was red flag number 1 because I had been really clear with the trainer that 9am was the only time I could do it because I have my lesson on Saturday smack in the middle of the day. It just seemed odd that the owner hadn’t planned to be there in the first place. I told the owner I would go to the barn at 9 anyway because I was meeting Marissa there, but that I would be okay waiting. The Barn Owner at Gen’s wanted to come too so I went to fuss over my handsome boy before the BO and I headed over. We were still a few minutes late, but we were there a little after 9am and we went in to the barn to hang out in the cold waiting for the owner.

After a few minutes the trainer came in (red flag number 2 since the horse owner thought she was not going to be around) and explained that she had told the owner to show her own horse because technically she wasn’t really this woman’s trainer at all…she was just worried about the horse, and also she had finally gotten someone out there to help her move her tractor to her new place so she wasn’t going to be around. She wished me luck that I would like him and had to run just as the owner was pulling in the driveway.

The owner clearly seemed flustered when she walked in to the barn. She wasn’t sure where the horse was (he was outside) and you could just tell she had not planned to be at the barn. As we were walking out to the field to get him (I didn’t mind he was not in or tacked up yet, I like to see the ground manners) she asked me what I thought the situation was. Odd question, but I answered that I was looking at him because he was free to a good home. The owner got very upset and said that no, she would never give him up (red flag number 3).

To Be Continued…


5 thoughts on “The horse that was not meant to be – Part 2

  1. Oh geez. I have a feeling it’s only going to go downhill … and largely not because of this horse. I just hope that no matter what happens this horse gets the care and attention he needs, even though it’s not going to be from you.

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