The horse that was not meant to be – Part 1

I cannot believe I went to go and look at another horse this weekend. It still seems crazy to me that I would even consider a second horse. I am a big believer in “fate with choices” as they say though and when things started to line up I just went with my gut and went to look at a possible brother for Gen. Let me fill you in on the details and why things sort of lines up….

So last week on Tuesday the Barn owner at Gen’s asked me to write a little something about one of the horses I have lost recently. With the second anniversary of X’s death fast approaching it was clear he was the one I wanted to write about, so write I did. As I sat there Tuesday night thinking about X and all the good times it occurred to me that I had not talked to Lori (his owner for those of you new to the blog) in forever and that I should call her so we could catch up.

Wouldn’t you know it that on Wednesday morning I got a text message from Lori that just said, “Would you be interested in a free horse or a free lease? It is a 16.3/17h Fresian TB Cross. Quiet but green. Super sweet about 10 years old. Out of work, but I think you would love him.”

I swear I don’t know what possessed me to even consider it, but as I sat there in my office at work I suddenly started day dreaming about all the fun stuff I wanted to do again like go out on a trail or go to a fun show. I wrote back asking why he was out of working knowing that if the answer was anything medical I wouldn’t want him, but that if it was something else I would want to go and at least see him. Lori answered back that the owner didn’t ride much, 1-2 days a week on the trails if even that often and that she just couldn’t afford to keep him anymore and was looking for a good home.

Lori called me later Wednesday night and gave me more details. The horse was great on the trails, the owner would ride him all over and she would even though people on him that wanted pony rides. He had very minimal ring work though and clearly should be considered a green horse even though he was 10. Prior to coming to this barn his owner has sent him down to Maryland for training, but at that barn the horse not only did not get worked, but he was not cared for either and came home after 2 months well over 200 lbs underweight with 0 muscle tone.

The owner couldn’t afford him though and went to the trainer at this barn to see if she could help. The trainer was able to find her someone to half lease him, but that fell apart also so here this woman is with no money for a horse and board is due. So she cries to the trainer and the trainer tells her that her options are to find someone to lease the horse for a while or to give the horse away. After talking with Lori I call the trainer to see what she thinks about this horse.

She, like Lori, said that this horse has a good head and a good heart, but that the owner doesn’t know a lot (she thought colic was a lameness) and so he is green in the ring. They had one of the kids at the barn get on him not long ago and said that he clearly had no idea what to expect in the ring, but that he tried really hard to do what they were asking. They also thought he had the potential to be a good mover with some more muscling. I explained that I was looking to take the horse because I have 0 interest in leasing these days. My reputation preceded me and the trainer felt like the horse would be lucky to have me. We set up a time to meet of 9am on Saturday morning.

Everyone that knows me can tell you that I am totally impulsive and also a constant dreamer. I spent Thursday and Friday day dreaming about all the fun stuff I was going to do with my new horse. I had found out that he preferred to live outside and that the trainer wanted him to live at Gen’s barn  so I was already planning to join the trail association and looking around for fun shows that I could do with him in 2011. I had even picked out his show name from what everyone was telling me about his personality.

To Be Continued…


7 thoughts on “The horse that was not meant to be – Part 1

  1. I firmly believe that all things happen for a reason–animals come into our lives when we need them (perhaps more than they need us). In my case, I know it’s best to chill a bit, step away from the “big picture” so I can see more clearly (spot the forest instead of the trees), and then I will be able to make decisions more clearly.

    Am awaiting Part II ;o)

  2. omg..a TB/Fresian is an amazing mix!!!! I’m sure he’s glorious and that age is the perfect age for a horse to ‘want’ to understand what he’s taught!!! I can NOT wait to read more!!!!!
    He’s the ying to Gen’s yang I’m assuming in color??

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