Want to see a part of my lesson?

So every 6 weeks or so I have my trainer video a few minutes of my lesson. I don’t bring my camera to every lesson, but when I do I want to use it regardless of how good or bad my lesson is. I have yet to time having the camera on a great day, but I have timed it for some bad days :P. I record my lessons because it is another great tool to use so I can see what I am doing wrong. I know some people who record every hour long lesson…I know I don’t have time for that! A few minutes every once and a while is enough to remind me of all the things I need to work on.

Just watching this video is great. I wanted to share some of the canter work from my last lesson. It is a good learning tool. It is not the best canter work you will ever see, but it is great to see what I am doing wrong and what my trainer has to say about it. I can clearly see that while I FEEL like I am totally vertical verging on falling off backwards I am actually tilted forward! Good to know for the future. I can also see that my hands need A LOT of work, but it is good to really see how much better they are already. I just need to keep getting better. So without further ado, you can watch some of my lesson if you want to.

So the other good thing about taping a lesson is seeing how far you have come. I am still not happy with my riding, we need way more jump in the canter and my hips need to be able to move, but I know that we are getting better at least! The bad thing is that I am not sure how much we will be improving over the next few months. Why? Because I have decided to take a break from leasing the schoolmaster over the winter. I will start it up again in March, but I have been having a hard time getting to the barn two days a week to ride. How sad is that? I am not sure what is going on with me…I went from riding 5 days a week to now only riding 1…and that is my choice.

I used to spend a significantly larger amount of time and money on horses every month. Now I am happy with only having a lesson a week and seeing my Gennyral everyday. I think I got burned out with Phoenix. I hope I am not a weekly lesson kid forever. Although think of all the money I would save if I was! My trainer thinks that it is just a phase. She thinks that as soon as show season starts I am going to be back to my horse crazy self. I am not so sure, because I am honestly not sure if I want to even show next year. I really hope my trainer is right. The old me would never chose a fancy dinner in NYC over a chance to ride a horse who has half steps! I guess only time will tell if the new me is here to stay or I will go back to being the horse crazy girl that I am. Anyone else out there gone through the same thing?


10 thoughts on “Want to see a part of my lesson?

  1. Cool video – I think it is a good idea to video bits and pieces of your riding to have a gauge for progression. I have thought about doing that, but just don’t really want to see myself on camera!

    Horses are expensive – so I can understand wanting to take a break. I was considering taking a break this spring, but Rusty turned out to be a great trail horse and that was enough to keep me going. I can see a potential break in the next couple of years, when I have to retire Rusty. I highly doubt I will be able to afford to board 2 horses…we’ll see though.

    I would love to go for a fancy dinner in NYC – so I can get turning down a ride for that!

    Hopefully in the spring you will get some of your excitement back – it might be fun to take the schoolmaster to a few shows…

  2. I know how you feel. And I think a lot of it has to do with the difference between leasing/lessons and having your very own horse to ride. For several years after college I had several “free lease” horses I could ride whenever and do whatever I wanted with, and had no motivation. As horse crazy as I am, it was a struggle to go out even once a week. The second I got Ace, that totally changed. I’ve ridden on average four days a week for the last two years, and have only backed off when Ace had an injury or something that required rest. I’m more motivated to go ride him all the time than I ever was when I wasn’t an owner.

    At the same time, you have your horse Gennyral who you still do go see every day and love every minute of it. Being horse crazy isn’t necessarily about riding all the time. It’s about having one to love! And that’s what you’ve got right now.

  3. I took a break from showing in college, though I was still breaking and training ponies at a farm down in VA. It was a really nice change of routine for me. I don’t think I could stand not having horses as part of my life in some capacity, but sometimes it’s good to just slow the pace down a little and have some fun. It can make it enjoyable again, especially if you feel like you’re a little burnt out (which I was after competing heavily in high school). I can’t see the video at work but I’m anxious to watch it when I get home tonight. 🙂

  4. I have not ridden any of my horses since September 😦 I was having some difficulties with one of mine and so I spent the summer and most of the fall training for a 5k instead of riding. I hope that in the spring (no indoor) I will be back to my old horse crazy self…

  5. You look great! That horse is gorg and your trainer sounds VERY positive and great pointers. I love how she clucked along even when you two were all the way down at the opposite side of the arena.

  6. Oh wow, I totally enjoyed watching the clip of your lesson. I’m no dressage expert, but I think you two looked great!! And I wish I could take lessons from your trainer. She is so positive and encouraging! My last instructor would yell at the students as she took swigs from her beer can (yes, hidden inside an insulator foamy thing, but it was definitely beer). LOL! Your trainer seems super sweet!! Good job!

  7. I just have to say that that clip makes the horse look like a superhero. I’ve been watching and envisioning him with a red cape billowing out behind him.

    Looks like fun!

  8. Say there lady you are a really good rider! Super transitions. Sounds like you have a very good trainer. Thank you for the video. It’s a great idea to tape your lessons.

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