2010 Gift Giving Guide – Great Gift Idea’s For Horse Lovers!

So it is that time of year again! This is my 3rd annual gift giving guide. I have included links to all the sites in the description so if you see something you like you can click right on it.

Under $5

A very cute belt. These are cheap, which is what makes them so great. Get a shinny silver or gold one for a friend as the perfect accessory to their show outfit or give a cute pink one to jazz up everyday barn wear. At only $3.95 a pop buy a bunch to give out to your barn friends and save on shipping.

This horse head cookie cutter with recipe is a great gift for anyone who loves horses that is not going to break the bank at $3. You can also hand write your favorite cookie recipe and include that as well. Or if you can use it as a gift for all your fellow boarders and give everyone a different human cookie recipe and a different horse cookie recipe.

The next item is one that most of use everyday…riding gloves! These are basic, but what makes them gift worthy is the fact that they come in a variety of colors. You can get your friends a set of gloves in their horsey colors. At only $3.90 it is an affordable way to spread the holiday cheer.

Under $10

This great book on bandages is something that is informative and a must for any horsey book collection. I love the USPC books because they are made for kids to understand, but they are still great for adults. Plus is is always better to learn about bandaging before you need to use it!

I love these fun socks! They are loud, bright, and not the kind of thing that people would buy for themselves. There are tons of socks out there for under $10 (these are $7, but they are right at $10 with shipping). You can buy everyone at the barn a different pair, or all the same style but in different colors. Plus, you can never have too many tall socks as a rider!

Make you friends a great boot polish kit. Every rider, whether they have their own horse or not, has riding boots. It doesn’t matter if they ride English, western, saddle seat, or whatever else they ride. Boots are involved. Get some polish, a brush to wipe off the polish , and a cloth mitten for maximum shine.

Under $20

At $19.95 these brow bands are a great buy! You can get these beautiful brow bands in different colors in horse and cob size still. This makes a a great gift because not only are fancy brow bands a total luxury item, but they are often pricey. Take advantage of this great sale and impress your friends with the perfect accessory

As you all know from my review of this book, it is a great gift for an Off Track Thoroughbred owner. Not only that, but you are helping a woman run a great rescue by purchasing it. What can be better than helping a good cause and getting a good read? At $17 it is a good splurge item, which makes it a great gift.

As anyone reading this blog for a long time knows, I love craft and projects. Especially when they are horse in nature. This book sounds amazing. For under $19 it gives you step my step directions on a variety of projects. I would love to know how to make my own saddle rack (It can match my tack trunk that I made). I think this would be a great gift idea from someone who is handy to a horse person. You could bookmark a page for a project and work on it together after the holidays.

Under $35

These personalized padded name bracelets are a new twist on the old tradition. I think adding a splash of color makes these bracelets the perfect way to accessory any outfit. What a cute way to keep your horse near to you all day! $22

Check out this very nice looking whip. I have learned that you can never have too many whips. At $30 this makes a nice gift and is classy enough for the show ring.

This might look like just a boring halter, and it is. What makes it gift worth is that this halter can be customized for only $25. It is also the safest material that a halter can be, 100% leather. Most custom leather halters cost over $150, this one is a total bargain. Sure the leather might not be as nice, but I have seen these and they are without a doubt comparable to the average $50 leather halter.

Under $50

Metronome Write Watch. This is such a great idea! In so many disciplines rhythm counts for a lot! In dressage we have free styles to create so having a metronome right there on your wrist is fantastic. What I live even more is that this has an audio setting (so you can listen to it), a vibration setting (so you can feel it) and just a visual setting so it is not like you have to be bothered with it the whole time.

Personalized grooming totes. These are ADORABLE! They come in 11 different colors with a ton of variety in the font style, font color and you can even pick the design that goes with them. I think that this is just such a great idea. I want one with Gen’s name on it just because I think it is precious! $36

This star themed horse shoe necklace is a great twist on an old favorite. I love horse shoe necklaces, love them, and think that they make great accessory for pretty much any outfit. I think that the little starts on this one make it a little different, which makes me love it even more! $40

Under $75

This saddle pad might look boring, but it can be totally customized. At only $60 this makes a the perfect gift. It can be totally unique, you can make it in the persons favorite colors. I love it because I am dreaming of show pad with red trim and orange piping to match the school masters flame inspired brow band. There is no where that you can find a white dressage pad with those colors. For the very affordable price of $60 you can just make your own!

I am totally the girl who has everything. In fact, sometimes I feel like I have more than everything! One thing that I don’t have though is horse hair pottery. It is totally for decorative purposes only but it is very cool looking. I love the thought that each piece is completely unique and that it can be done with your own horses hair.


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