Sorry Gen, No ink for you

My horse was very sad to hear about this story.

My pony loves that he is inked. Even at almost 19 years old his lip tattoo is still clear as day. I must say that I do think it is rather odd that the courts ruled that it is cruel to tattoo a horse when that is how they mark race horses. Regardless, Gen is going to have to give up his tattoo dreams. Good thing he is plenty cute without being all inked up!


5 thoughts on “Sorry Gen, No ink for you

  1. I know in England (and I think the rest of Europe, too) lip tattoos aren’t used to mark race horses, they use microchips instead. It really confused me when I first moved, as I knew my horse to be an OTTB, but I couldn’t find any indication of a lip tattoo! But in England at least freeze marking is rather common, and that’s not much different from tattooing, is it?

  2. Tatooing a horse’s lip is minimal – a couple of numbers. I don’t know if they use drugs for the horses but I would assume yes. This guy wanted to tatoo an older horse’s butt – who knows if he would have drugged the horse or provided any pain relievers. It would have taken a long time. I think it would have been cruel and totally unnecessary. Once the hair grew back you wouldn’t see it anyway – why not dye the hair????

  3. Some people are just plain weird. That’s all there is too it.

    When I first started blogging I remember seeing a story about a famous hairstylist that did promotional things styling horses and they were photographed for ads in some big magazine. Besides pretty wild styling of the manes, tails and forelocks , he shaved designs all through their hair coats. It was very artsy but still bizarre if you aske me.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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