Houstin We Have Lift off!!

Today was the big day! I, of course, got no sleep last night and have been worried for days now, but I am happy to report that Gen is doing well.

Here is a picture of Gen from this morning. I stopped in on the way to my lesson to check in on him. I had wanted to stay out of sight so he wouldn’t run over to come and see me. He did spot me, but my mature pony only walked down to see me!

When I went back after my lesson I found Gen still standing in his “poop corner” but I could tell he had been moving around because he was COVERED in mud. I went up to check on him and I am happy to report that as of 2pm today his tendon was looking amazing! It was cool to the touch and nice and hard.

I can’t believe that Gen is out with no leg protection. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives…it is a huge new chapter for Gen. Hopefully I can get that grazing picture I wanted tomorrow. I am feeling much better right now!!


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