One of the best gifts I have, or will ever receive…

Everyday I walk past the painting I have of Gen and smile. Some times you spend money on things and they are not worth it. I have a collection of browbands that I have never even used. I have show halters and coolers and all sorts of beautiful things that make me think of Gen, but none can bring a smile to my face as quickly as that painting can.

It is actually a pastel, and I love it more today then the day I got it. When I first looked at it I saw a beautiful horse. The problem was that I didn’t think of Gen as beautiful. I thought of him as a giant goofball who had a striking personality, not striking looks. The pastel looked so perfect that it took me a while to stop looking at all the details and to instead look into the eye of the horse. In that eye I can see attention looking elsewhere, some worry, and a big plan forming in that horses brain. Now that reminds me of my sweet Mexican General.

The more time I spend looking at the picture the more I fall in love with it. Those slightly crooked braids tell of a horse who is not a fan of being braided. Those black and white tipped ears make me want to just kiss them every time. This painting was not cheap, but it is one of my favorite things in the world. If my house were on fire it would be one of the things I grabbed (along with my dog of course) to try and save. Yes, it is beautiful, but more than that it tells a story, and not just any story. It tells Gennyral’s story.

I was able to find a local artist that I loved who made my handsome pony in to art. If you ever have the chance to get something like this done you should do it. There is just nothing like it in the world.

I just wanted to share because I know the Holiday’s are coming up and some of you might be at a loss for gift ideas. If you can get a portriate of your horse I say do it!!!!


8 thoughts on “One of the best gifts I have, or will ever receive…

  1. That is a beautiful piece of art – Gen looks very handsome in it. That artist does some really nice work – I think a painting/drawing like that is something worth saving up for!

  2. It is lovely. I have a pen and ink drawing of Spirit that my ex did when we were dating. Obviously he was trying to impress me. When I move it was one of the few things I brought with me. The SO almost objected because of the artist but then realized that it totally captures Spirit so there was no way I was leaving it behind especially just a few months after he died.

  3. Memories are really special and I often think that the artist must have the ability to capture the essence of the animal. I’ve seen paintings that do not convey the personality of the animal – just a breed.
    When I look at at your painting, even though I don’t know Gen personally, I see his nobleness. I see the woman who loves him enough to embrace all his characteristics. Great painting! I just don’t think there is anyone in my area that has that ability.

  4. That’s lovely!

    I had one done of one of my horses by a friend of mine I met on Flickr. Turns out she was in London, England but I LOVED her work so I commissioned her. Long story short, someone who works for Steven Spielberg saw her pastel of my horse and she ended up being an equine artistic advisor for the upcoming Disney/Spielberg movie (to be released in December 2011) War Horse!

    This is the pastel of my horse (who passed in March 2009 from a freak paddock accident) – Jaguar Hope.

    She ended up doing another one of Jag on her own (not commissioned) and I’m fairly certain my other boys will have ones of them as well. Fine art pieces of your “family” are fantastic to have!

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