The big day is only a few days away…

So today when I took off Gen’s wraps I knew that the big day close at hand. His leg looked FANTASTIC. It was nice and tight with no heat or swelling. I, of course, am absolutely panicked about turning Gen out without wraps or boots on. It has been over 3 and a half years! How can I calmly just decide that it is okay all of a sudden. I was helped along by the Barn Owner who came in and looked at that fantastic leg of Gen’s and asked me point blank when I was going to be ready to turn Gen out naked. My answer, and truthfully so, was NEVER! I am so nervous about this! For years and years my horse has not been allowed to fully stretch out his tendon and now all of a sudden I am supposed to be okay with it because it is vet’s orders? I knew this was coming though. I can’t believe that I have already had over a month to get used to the idea of Gen going out without leg protection on.

Part of me is excited to see my horse completely and totally naked out in the field. The rest of me is shitting a brick as the expression goes.

The thing about boots and leg protection is that they actually make the tendons weaker in the long run. I knew that, but I didn’t have a choice. Add to that the fact that the boots have protected Gen from stretching his tendon creating micro tears and Gen has a very inflexible and weak limb at the moment.

Looking at his leg, which looked the best it has in a while, I knew that I needed to get over it. I knew I wasn’t ready for Gen to go out without boots on yet though, but I also knew that at this point I was likely to do more harm than good by keeping him out in stable wraps so the Barn Owner and I came up with a plan. I would psyc myself up to do it this weekend, but I wouldn’t actually have to do it. Gen tend to put on a show for me when I turn him out, plus I would be so nervous about him going out without boots on I would probably freak him out. The Barn Owner agreed that she would do it for me for the first time.

It is so scary because I am worried Gen is going to kill himself. I am also worried that he is going to hurt his leg again.

I need to just suck it up though and give it a go. My vet said it is the right thing to do and I need to trust in that.

I have a feeling that come this weekend Gen is going to be in much better shape about being bootless than I am!

Nothing will make me happier than to be able to take a picture of him outside grazing with NOTHING on his legs.


5 thoughts on “The big day is only a few days away…

  1. If you trust your vet completely – hold onto that. When I doubt, I go back to what my vet recommends and sink my mind into that. The big thing is you must trust your vet. All will be well!

  2. I hope (and know) he’ll be just fine. Yes, it may take him some time to be a little more gingerly on it and gain his strength back but he will be fine and I’m sure happy to have nothing on his legs.
    Winter coming will help keep those legs nice and cool 🙂

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