New Password

For those of you worried, nothing bad is going on. I just have something I want to share that I don’t want to share to the world at large. Since it is about different stuff than last time I am changing the password. I am only going to give out the password to people who ask and who have commented on my blog before.

Please leave a comment below with your correct e-mail address in the e-mail section if you want the password.

Gen’s leg is getting better. It looked great on Tuesday, but not as good yesterday. I had told him to stop being a crazy man outside. He seems to think it would be better to have more fun and take a little longer to get back to a 100%. As long as it keeps getting better I am happy. I have only cold hosed one day this week and he is only wrapped to go out. If that is not progress I don’t know what is!


32 thoughts on “New Password

  1. oooo, can I please follow along too?? I don’t always post comments but i think I might have before. I just like to read blogs without always putting in my opinions. Just so you know your blog is withing the top five on my long blog/favorites listand I think Gen is soo handsome. thanks,

  2. I would also like the password if possible. I usually don’t post but have an OTTB and love to follow along with you and Gen. I think Wally is spoiled but not nearly as much as Gen ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I hope all is well in all areas of your life. Just a comment about the leg waterer. Thank you. It is something I need right now, as my horse injured himself recently and I trust your comments on products past and current. Your blog on the saddle Schleese helped me make a decision about purchase (I did purchase happily).
    My email is

  4. i know im a new reader and really a new blogger in general but i am loving keeping up with whats going in your world! please send me the password!! ๐Ÿ™‚

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