Products I Love – Leg Soaker

I know, what a handsome model!

So while I wish that I had never found out about this product, I must say that it is a pretty amazing find.

I think pretty much any horse person (horse owner or not) has had to deal with an injured pony. One of the worst parts about dealing with an injury is having to cold hose the injured area. We have all sat there on a mounting block spraying the leg with the hose, getting the non-injured leg wet, and most likely soaking ourselves. When Gen was hurt 3 years ago I had to cold hose everyday for 10 months at least once a day. I learned to hold a horse classified ad magazine in one hand while trying to hold the hose with the other.

The problem was my horse was a total grump. He would dance back and forth and there would be a lot of yelling going on as I tried to cold hose.  It was always a battle for the first 5 minutes before he would settle. What I was looking for was a way to keep the cold water going on my horse no matter what, and the Barn Owner at Gen’s solved my problem when she went out and bought a Leg Soaker.

This little piece of hose heaven is amazing! EVERYONE needs to have one. It is such a simple idea, yet it is so magic. This product is going to change the way you care for a hurt horse and once you use it, you will never go back to cold hosing the old fashioned way.

The Leg Soaker is a simple hose attachment that breaks off into two smaller hoses and ends with a flexible, wrap around harder plastic hose with hole poked in to it. It is a very simple idea and a very basic design, but let me tell you, it is MAGIC!!! Because the hose is wrapped around the entire leg the horse is getting a constant flow of water all around. Prior to using this I might not have thought that was such a big deal, but after feeling the difference in how cold a leg gets when it is all being cold hosed there is really no comparison.

The other great thing about the Leg Soaker is that it is hands free!!! You hook it up, wrap it around the leg ( I prefer to have it go over my horses back so I don’t have to worry about him tripping on the hose) and just turn on the water. You don’t need to be right next to your horse, you don’t need to get a hand cramp trying to make sure the water flow is good enough reaching the leg. I chose to use this extra time to start grooming my pony. It was great to be so hands free! And when Gen would dance and carry on for the first 5 minutes every time I didn’t have to add more time to the process because unhappy as he was, he was still getting treated.

I LOVE this little invention and whoever came up with this idea has already saved me hours in my life as well as getting my horses leg as cool as possible which I am sure helped with swelling. I know you all want one now! You can get one yourself from KV or a horse on course. (I have never purchased from either of these places but hopefully they are trustworthy)


5 thoughts on “Products I Love – Leg Soaker

  1. Cool product but one question. What happens if the horse spooks? Will it detach from the hose or is the horse stuck? I would hate to have a horse break the faucet because it wouldn’t release.

  2. PJsMom-There is no quick release. The horse would be stuck, which is yet another reason I put it over my horses back. I would much prefer the back getting extra pressure and not the pony. That is also why I stick close when it is on and not walk away.

  3. Interesting idea….I’ve had to cold hose a few times, but I don’t mind it. Just spending some undemanding time with my horse seems nice. I am sure if you have to do it often, it gets old and this would really come in handy. Good to keep in mind.

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