And you wonder why I am such a wack job!

So yesterday was the first day since he go hurt that Gen was able to go back out in his field. I had a game plan down. I went in the morning to go turn him out, let him get his sillies out, and then I would come back in the afternoon and give him a few hours in his normal field again where I expected him to be calm. Below is why I get so nervous about my pony!

"Yay...I am out...and a big fancy warmblood"

"Is this fresh mud?!?!?!"

"Chill out Mom. A little tendon strain for a good roll is so worth it"

So Happy

If this is not joy I don't know what is

"Geeze...why am I still so clean? I need to fix that"

"Chill out Mom...I am being good"

"I love to roll"

Belly shot!

"Yee Haw! Why are you yelling Mom?"

"See, nice and calm Mom. I am good"

"What, you could still see white? I will be nice and calm when I get up this time I swear"

Look at that happy face...

And this is the moment where I had a heart attack and didn't want him to go back out in his field

But, a few hours later when I did put him back out he was great! He clearly got all his badness out in the small field.


7 thoughts on “And you wonder why I am such a wack job!

  1. Not having the experience with bad tendons that you’ve gone through, I’d be freaking out over the rolling in the mud. Our horse probably hasn’t rolled in that much mud all SUMMER thank God! Lucky for us his ONLY favorite time to roll is when he gets fresh shavings in his stall. Other than that…it’s pretty rare.

    Glad Genny was okay after all that!

  2. ahhh, oh Gen! What a mud lover! 🙂
    I know how nerve wrecking it is when u turnout wanting them to be CALM but ottb’s just can’t help themselves..they are giddy and like to show their emotions via action! That first picture of Gen is beautiful! 🙂

  3. Haha! These pictures are the best. I won’t torment you by telling how much Ace is the opposite of Gen … he rarely rolls and when he does it’s only on one side, I’ve never seen him throw a buck in the pasture, and he’d rather eat than do anything else.

  4. Yknow, I knew you posted about him loving to roll, but I don’t think I quite understood what you meant until now! That is one DIRTY horse — he clearly loves the mud!

    I’m glad he’s doing better, and I will send him a horse-gram and let him know he needs to stop giving you heart attacks!! I would have had one too.

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