I wish I could make Gen a bubble boy!

So today was supposed to be a big day. Gen was supposed to go out in his field for the first time since he got hurt. But I am happy that mother nature got in the way. It is raining! And it is going to be raining all day.

I know, I know. At some point very soon Gennyral will be back out in his field. He will have to be a good boy because he doesn’t have a choice. Gen cannot strain his tendon. Lucky for me my horse understands English so he knows. Unlucky for me my horse happens to be a Thoroughbred so sometimes fun and fast thoughts block out thinking when it comes to turnout. I really want to create a pony bubble and lock my boy inside. If you think I am bad now though wait until Gen starts going out without the wraps on. Having no leg protection on my boy scares the crap out of me! Well I am off to go see my boy and entertain my poor locked up pony. He is so over being in the small field. Yesterday I was hanging out by his field rolling his wraps and he stopped grazing and just stared at me. When I would get up he would move to where I was going, and he just stared. Poor tortured pony!


One thought on “I wish I could make Gen a bubble boy!

  1. Ha! I am cursing the rain because Tucker is stuck inside, and you are thanking the heavens. Your pony sounds really, really bored. Watching someone roll wraps is just not that exciting. I think you should get him a tv.

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