“Thursday sounds better…”

Gen was supposed to start going back out in his big field tomorrow. He has been great. He has been getting his wraps off most nights and there have even been a few days where he did not need to be cold hosed. Even with him doing so well I was worried about him going out in his field again. The medical field is just the right size, his field seemed HUGE. I have been nervous since I was told by my vet about the turnout plan.

Today when I went to the barn the Barn Owner said that she had some news for me. My first thought was that Gen was hurt so all the color drained from my face. She saw me starting to fade and quickly told me that Gen was fine, but that she had to go in to the city tomorrow. She asked if I would mind waiting until Thursday when Gen would have full day supervision. Would I mind?!?!?!? I was thrilled to put it off for one more day!

Even better is the fact that I have off of work on Thursday so I can be the one turning him out. And I can stay to stare at him (some people call it hovering, I think my horse likes to be stared at thank you very much) obsessively for hours until I know he can control himself with out running like a mad man. This is a much better game plan!


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