“Mom, I am NOT a piggy pony!”

So Gen told me what he wanted to be for Halloween, but I didn’t like his idea. I found something I thought that would be adorable on him. A pig mask! I mean, he acts like a pig sometimes so it was perfect. Gen clearly does not think so. I wanted it to be higher on his head, but my dollar spot find was made for a kids head so I could only get it that far up his nose. I tried to make Gen like it, but he was dead set against it. All well. I love dressing up my pony! He is so good about it. That mask is so tight that when I sent up to adjust it, the whole thing snapped off and went flying like 10 feet. He just took it when I put it on him. When I put his real Halloween costume that he wanted on he got all cute because he loved it! You know that calander with the Wimeriners all dressed up. My horse could totally do that!


3 thoughts on ““Mom, I am NOT a piggy pony!”

  1. I need to find a set of devil horns for my boy lol. Even if Genn doesn’t look thrilled with your selection of costume, we all know he is happy to get any and all attention from you – so secretly, deep down he loves it. 🙂

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