Grumy Genny…no turnout for you!

So we are 8 days in to the injury and Gen’s leg is looking great. He did get wrapped last night but he was naked during the day and his leg only had minimal swelling today. It was good to see such an improvement. What is was not great was his attitude. I had to see a very pissy pony today. I don’t know what was wrong with Gen today but he was a total grump! It was especially annoying because I thought he would be happy today, the Barn Owner had let him out while she was at the barn so Gen got over two hours to eat and be outside in the sun this morning.

He was being a pain about waiting to go out again while I wrapped him. He kept weaving and playing with his stall chain and was just being annoying. When I went to bring him out he kept spooking and being stupid. He was allowed go out for another hour provided he behaved. After getting him to settle on the line I took it off thinking he would be okay, but no. I had not even stepped away before he started to buck and kick in place. He wouldn’t even let me catch him right away so he carried on for a good 60 seconds which I am sure was HORRIBLE for his hurt leg. I could have killed him. His punishment for being such jerk today? A bath…

I know…I am so mean! Hopefully he will wake up on the right side of the stall tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Grumy Genny…no turnout for you!

  1. Aw, I don’t blame him for being grumpy and a little fresh. He’s been stuck in his stall more than usual, I’m sure that’s all it is. He looks like he’s feeling very sorry for himself. I think he just needs extra treats 🙂

  2. Have you asked the vet about adjusting his feed while he’s on limited turnout? Even if the feed program is not particularly “high powered,” he may be getting too much of something for not being able to burn it off like he did before injury. Just a suggestion. Poor guy is sure letting you know he’s not a happy camper. Good for you for “reading” him so well. ;o)

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