A little swelling and a little turnout…

So I was not surprised to find Gen’s leg a little swollen today when I got to the barn. Poor pony has been on stall rest for a week and went without wraps last night. I am not 100% sure why my vet said no wraps. It might have something to due with the pressure between the tendon and the tendon sheath? Or it might have to do with his nasty sore…

Gross I know. This picture is a few days old. The top came off and it looks way worse today. Poor Gennyral. If there is any good that came out of this injury it is going to be that he no longer is going to wear boots for turnout. This injury occurred because his turnout boot was put on just a little too loose and it turned and fell last week causing the tendon sheath to pull away. As my vet said, “We had him in the boots to protect him from injury, they are not doing their job. There is now no risk difference in on or off so they should come off”. Luckily he still gets to out in his standing wraps while we are working on putting him back out. He went an hour and a half today like a total champ. He just ate and ate and ate the whole time.

Quick funny story. I have family visiting from out of town. They have been dying to meet my Gennyral for the two weeks they have been out here. There was finally time today so they came out to say Hi to my boy. I had just turned him out. For all this time they have been hearing about this horse with a giant personality. They come and see him and he is so starved for grass that he can’t even be bother to pick his head up to say hello! Hahaha…all well. He really does have a big personality on him. I swear!

I ended up cracking my resolve and I wrapped him for the night. I know it wasn’t a lot swollen, but I am just not comfortable with leaving him naked with a history like his. The good news is that the Barn Owner will toss him out while she does stalls tomorrow (provided he behaves like the saint he is) and so he can have naked legs after that.

Do you guys want to see pictures of the nasty sore or was the one above graphic enough?

poor grumpy bored pony! He is always much happier AFTER he goes out.


2 thoughts on “A little swelling and a little turnout…

  1. That boot looks really cool! I don’t think I need it, but if I ever see it for sale in the US I will totally buy one because it is such a great idea!!!

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