He went out!

I am proud to report that the swelling was almost totally gone today! That meant that my boy was allowed to at least have a little Mommy free time. He got 40 minutes in half of the medical field (about 20×25 meters) and he was a saint! Head to the ground eating the whole time, not an ounce of sillyness. He got cold hosed and his sore got cleaned and then I had to do something very hard. I had to put him away wrap free… so scary! The plan is to use wraps for turnout only now and see how the swelling does. I hate the plan (obviously) but I do need to trust my vet because he was totally right about the timeline with the swelling. If I could wrap my horse in bubble wrap I so would. If swelling still under control tomorrow without the wrap he gets an hour and a half out. I am just glad he is okay!


3 thoughts on “He went out!

  1. Huh. Interesting. Wonder why he doesn’t want him wrapped? To help the tendon get stronger on its own I guess? I’d feel the same way you do, but in the end we have to trust the professionals. Glad he is getting some time outside!

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