Quick Tendon Sheath Update…

So only 5 days after his injury I am happy to report that the swelling is almost all gone in Gen’s leg!!! YAY! The bump on the front of his leg is almost gone too. I can’t believe how fast it has been healing. It is right on track with how my vet said that it would go. At this rate Gen is going to be ready to start going out (and by out I mean he gets an hour of supervision outside in half the medical paddock) by Sunday!!! How amazing is that! I am still so grateful that it was the tendon sheath and not the tendon. Also, that cool cast stuff is amazing. I am so happy that my boy is doing so well. I will update again tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “Quick Tendon Sheath Update…

  1. I am **SO** glad!

    Any idea how it happened? Is it the kind of thing that can happen from just running around, or did he kick himself or bump it on something?

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