Friday Funny

So Gennyral is getting cold hosed everyday until the swelling goes away. The barn owner has this cool hose thing that wraps around the injured area which works so much better then if I held a hose up to his leg. That means that for 20-25 minutes a day I have nothing to do but stare at Gen. Not a bad way to spend my time (although I wish he wasn’t hurt). Gen however is VERY bored with all this (see below) and would really just like things to go back to normal. The good thing is that my vet said if all the swelling is gone he can start going out (and by out I mean in half the medical field for n hour with supervision) as soon a Sunday!!!! How crazy is that?!?!?! Monday I thought I wouldn’t have a horse anymore and here it is and we are already talking about turnout. It seriouslly blows my mind. Anyway, with Halloween around the corner the barn owner put out some candy.

Normally I am a little bit on the germaphobic side of things when it comes to eating at the barn, but for some reason a york peppermint pattie sounded just right. So I started to eat it. Of course Gen strained against the cross ties trying to see what I had and so I got up to show him. I had almost finished my treat when I decided that I would see if Gen would want a little itsy bit of it. Sure enough my nosey pony gobbled it right up. And then promptly made this face.

And this one…

Clearly he will stick to pears thank you very much 🙂


4 thoughts on “Friday Funny

  1. I fostered a rescue until he found a forever home. He was a 17hh Appaloosa cross, a big-time jumper that had suffered a fetlock fracture and was now trail sound at the walk. He would eat ANYTHING. I gave him a hard candy peppermint and he bit down, got a very funny look on his face and then, after he finished the candy, pursed his lips and sucked in a bit of air–“woop,” “woop,” “woop”–to intensify the taste. Made me laugh.

    Gen is a card ;o)

  2. Tucker’s in a 12-step program to help him deal with his peppermint obsession. It’s getting in the way of his enjoyment of other life activities. He rummages through my trunk for them like a junkie badly in need of a hit. He will, however, spit back at you those apple-flavored processed treats and glare at you as though you’ve just tried to poison him.

    p.s. – So glad Gen is doing so well!

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