Still getting better…

I am happy to report that my Genny’s leg was looking better again today. YAY! I feel so much better. The swelling has gone down on the injury site but something else is making me a little worried. A new bump has shown up (there is a picture of it below).


Hopefully it will be gone by the time I take his soft cast off tomorrow. It is very cool to be able to put a new one on each day.

Sorry for the minimal post…I am exhausted! Lots to do and not enough time to do it. I am hoping for all the swelling to be gone by tomorrow. So is Gen. He is already bored with being hurt!


3 thoughts on “Still getting better…

  1. Oh! His expression is priceless! Glad his leg is getting better & will be sending jingles for the bump to go away! Thats a neat soft cast- is it a type of poltice?

  2. I have no idea what is in the soft cast. it is called a cool cast. I will have to check out the ingrdiants to see what is in it.

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