Please Send Goods Thoughts Gen’s Way…

I am still upset so please bare with me if this is not the most coherant post I have ever made. I just got home from the barn. When I went to go see Gen today I got a bad surprise.

Normally my horse runs towards me when he sees me. Today he tried, but he was limping. Like totally three legged lame. I quickly brought him in (he was only a little off at the walk) and saw right away that his boots were loose and had dropped and turned on him. I dropped the lead rope and bent down and could already tell something was wrong. I started to cry as I took the boots off. Gen had a big bump on his tendon and it was warm. The rest of his leg was clearly swelling all around it. I quickly called the vet and left an almost coherant message (I was holding back the tears as best as I could) for him to come out tomorrow for an ultra sound (no point coming tonight with the injury so fresh).

I took Gen outside and cold hosed him. That is when I went in to total panic mode and started crying and hyperventaling. I LOVE Gennyral and if something is wrong with his tendon the odds are not in our favor. I was lucky to get him back this time. I knew I was going nuts so I sent out a mass text (thank you to all you wonderful friends who responded!) as I sat on the mounting block. With me in hysterics my Gennyral was now beside himself with worry. He was turned around to look at me with a face that said “why are you so upset…is this bad…this doesn’t feel bad…why are you so upset). Luckily the Young Rider had just gotten out of class and called me right back.

Talking things outloud makes them seem less scary. She pointed out the good things like the fact that my horse was not lame and that I had clearly caught it early since it was hot, but not blazing hot. She also pointed out the fact that I tend to not handle Gennyral related emergencies very well (so true) and that we wouldn’t know anything until tomorrow. By the time the barn owner got home I was able to talk in full sentences. She was concerned, but she didn’t think that this was a catastrophic injury, which I would have to agree with. I am just feeling like it is because of what happened last time.

Last time my horse bowed his tendon and all was normal until a week after his injury. Then is started to swell and we found out his body was attacking itself. I already have gotten two rounds of stem cells on this leg. It was a miracle he survived the first time.

After talking to her for a while long as well as my trainer I am actually calmer. I am still very upset and very worried, but I have cold hosed, poultices and wrapped and that is all I can do. Gen seems to be in good spirits. He is upset that I am upset, but has not shown me that he is upset about his leg at all. I am trying VERY hard right now to trust in him that he will be okay.

It is very hard for me not to go to the worst case scenerio when Gen is hurt. It is about 1,000 times harder for me this time because he hurt the tendon on his bad leg.

This time it is on the inside at the top. That gives me a little hope because last time it was center on the back. I would feel much better if I did not find a bump. I also hate the fact that the rest of the leg is swelling and hot (two degrees C after cold hosing). For those of you thinking, he just kicked himself…I know my horse. This is a tendon injury. The only question now is how bad.

Please send good vibes, thoughts, and prayers that my horse just tweaked his leg a little bit and that he will heal like a normal horse. I will see if I can get someone to update the blog facebook tomorrow after I find out what is going on from the vet.

I am so worried. I almost want to go back tonight. I did set my alarm for 4:30 so I can see him before work. I keep telling myself that if I smoother Gen he will get upset. Please let this not be it for my boy. I will even take a regular tendon injury as long as he will be okay in the end. I can’t live without my Gennyral. He is the best horse in the whole wide world and just the thought of loosing him is enough to make me freak out.

I just keep telling myself that he is okay because he has to be okay.


16 thoughts on “Please Send Goods Thoughts Gen’s Way…

  1. I said a prayer to St. Francis for you. (He’s the patron saint of animals. I’m not particularly religious but my grandmother always says prayers to him when I horse show!) Please keep us posted, and if there’s anything I can do I’ll be just down the road tomorrow evening, so let me know. I’ll be thinking of you. Hang in there.

  2. Sending good healing thoughts your way for Gen. I hope he will heal normally. Wait until tomorrow and see what the vet says, I know it’s hard not to freak out in these circumstances, but it won’t do you or Gen any good if you do. Good luck.

  3. Sending Gen my good healing thoughts as well, and keeping my fingers and my toes crossed for you (please try to get some sleep tonight yourself, Gen needs you to be healthy for him). Please keep us posted, and if there’s anything I can do you know I’m nearby as well.

  4. There is absolutely NOTHING worse than when one of our four-leggeds is sick or gets injured. NOTHING. And I am the same way. I’ve had several horses over the years and every time one of them gets hurt or doesn’t act “quite right,” I worry and fret. It’s just a mother’s nature, I guess.

    Now, as for Gennyral: You have done everything you can do for him: cold hosing, poulticing, wrapping, checking, and worrying. Now just wait until the vet takes a look. Put your trust and faith (as well as your life savings ;o) in the hands of the expert. The vet knows your horse and will know what to do. GHM is right: it’s hard not to freak, but doing that won’t do you OR Gen any good. Let calm heads prevail, starting with the one that separates your ears. That will help you, Gen AND the vet (who probably works better without a frazzled “parent” to deal with ;o)

    Fingers crossed for you and I will be checking your blog from work tomorrow (risking my OWN life and limb ;o) to see what the vet says. Take notes so you can report to us, your loyal readers, completely.

  5. Thoughts and prayers with you both OTB. Be strong- Gen counts on you to be strong to help HIM be strong too. Breathe deep. Get some rest. You’ve done all the right things.

    Keep us posted when you can and know that there will be a boat load of people out in the equi-blogosphere thinking of you both!

  6. Good healing mojo on the way!

    Horses are so darn fragile and then they have to go injure themselves in the dumbest ways. But they are also pretty good healers so give Gen some faith to heal himself and with your excellent care, he’ll be fine.

  7. Maybe Genny’s trying to tell you that it’s not as big a deal as you think it might be. The fact that he’s not concerned gives me a little hope.

    Good luck with the vet.

  8. Huge, huge hugs to you — I can completely understand the panic. Trust Gen, trust the vet, and hang in there. Reveille and I are sending good thoughts!

    (Actually, Rev just got over a similar injury a month or so ago — she got kicked in the LF, and it was HUGEly swollen. Scared the pants off me. So I know a little of what you’re going through, and I send you my best thoughts!!)

  9. Hey…I’m praying too to St. Francis. I think and feel that he will be ok. It’s just normal for us to freak out. I’m in a similar situation with my guy, so I know how you feel. Best wishes and vibes to the both of you!

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