TV Shows I Love – A Riders Story

I recently found that the television channel Horse Race Television (HRTV) has all sorts of cool shows on it. I had thought that RFDTV was the only channel with horse programing on a regular basis, but I was wrong. HRTV has a different kind of horse television. From horse racing (duh) to broadcasting show jumping events this channel is more for someone like me who is interested in horses as a sport and not so much in watching guru trainers.
I found a show that I LOVE and that I think many of you will love as well. It is called “A Riders Story”. It is a 30 minute show usually on Monday nights (or at least it is by me) and each week they interview two riders. I have seen stories about Show Jumpers, Vaulters, and Eventers so far and I am sure they will have more disciplines to come.
It has always fascinated me to learn about what amazing horse people are like outside of the show ring. How did they get where they are? Did they grow up in horses? What do they think about their horses?
A Riders Story will answer those questions and more for you. It gives you an look behind the scenes at some of the best riders. You can hear all about how a very famous trainer/rider duo flipped a coin to see who would do the jump off at a world cup event this year. Or how a certain Eventer was paid $20 by a neighbor to get a horse in shape and that horse turned into his Rolex horse. Or why Will Simpson tipped his helmet to every section at the Olympics. There are just amazing stories out there that riders are willing to share in this show.
Normally there are two riders per show (although I have seen three in the Eventing show) and you can hear how their lives intertwine and how they got to where they are today. Is it the highest quality video footage? Not yet, but that doesn’t take away from the story. They clearly have done a great job on a very modest budget. And I am loving it! If you ever have 30 minutes to spare you should watch this show and see for yourself.


One thought on “TV Shows I Love – A Riders Story

  1. Thanks for pointing this out. It turns out that I actually get HRTV -channel 316 (Fios) . I would not have known that without you suggesting it. Cool and thanks.

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