At least he is happy…

I am headed off to the show, but I wanted to share some pictures from last night. Let me tell you a little background first. We hardly had any rain by me this summer. All the lawns were brown, some trees were dying (not mine though because I would spend a ton of time watering them) and it was just crazy! Last week we finally snapped out of it. From Wednesday night to Friday mid day it poured! There was also high winds, which meant that my pony was trapped in to his stall for a whole 36 hours. He was not pleased. It was totally worth it though because when he finally did get to go back out there was mud…and lots of it!

"Hi Mom, why are you looking at me like that?"

"If you think you are going to clean me and get rid of my hard work I need to get out of here"

"I mean, it is not even like I am that dirty!!!"

"Can't you see how happy I am? I am so happy! Please don't clean me"

"Your going to let me stay dirty! YAY! Thanks Mom"

"Show all my fans what a good job I did! And also why you should never take pictures of horses on a hill"

" happy! Time for a nappy!"


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