My first time showing in hand – Trail Class with Pictures!!

So let me start this post by saying I have no idea what they are actually looking for in an In Hand Trail class. I knew I needed to use this time for schooling, so I just kind of did my thing and hoped it would turnout well in the end.

So here I am just walking up the bridge, acting as though I didn’t just see him being naughty for his mother in the hope he would just walk up. Notice the fact that Mr. Spoiled is looking at his owner because he didn’t want to do it!

I am not a good person to say no to, so I used the whip to tap him on the rump until he stepped on. Which he did…and promptly went off sideways. After two more similar tries the judge nicely asked if I wanted a hand since I was getting no points for this movement and it was a schooling show. I happily took her up on her offer.

Just by having her stand on the side my borrowed pony knew he was going to lose this fight, so he just gave up and went right over.

We had to trot right off the bridge which is where we ran in to trouble. The borrowed pinto was on top of me! It was SO annoying. I tried to fix the problem and let it go. We did okay on the next few movements, but not great. By the time we got to the mail box I was grateful to have something I knew we could do and do well!

At the end of course we had to walk into a set of poles and back out, which we did much better than Phoenix and I had! When they announced placings I must say that I was pretty happy with a 4th place finish! We did not get credit for the bridge and lost tons of points in the trot so 4th was good enough for me!

Since that show I have been working with this cute pony after my lessons on the weekends. Hopefully we can do better than two fours and a second at this show this weekend!


One thought on “My first time showing in hand – Trail Class with Pictures!!

  1. Are you still showing in hand trail? I also like to show it, but I have to have a new horse every year because APHA only offers it for yearlings. I am starting to blog about getting the babies ready and some of the things I have learned since starting this class. I would love for you to look at it if you’re interested. Feel free to leave any comments too. Jaime Foutty

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