My first time showing in hand – Part 3

The pattern for halter was much less intense then the one for showmanship. It was basically a straight line to the judge with a turn right at the end. I knew that my borrowed Pinto was both cute and put together well so when it was my turn to go I got a big smile on my face and headed off. My temporary pony could have cared less that this was the class that all eyes were on him.

I had hoped that it was a good thing when the judge spent so much time going over my pinto. During line up she stopped again to look over him one more time. I had my fingers crossed that meant we were going to get another pretty ribbon.

Sure enough when they called the placing we had gotten 2nd!!!!!! Yay! I was thrilled that we had done so well in a conformation class. I had already known that his Mom had picked a winner as a baby, but it is always nice to do well in a show to confirm that. After that we had a little time off before the In Hand Trail class.

One thing that I love about this horse is that he is never scared of anything. He can be difficult because if he doesn’t want to do something, he wont do it, but at least he is not spooky. Because of the order of the show, his owner had the ridden trail class first. He was not so good for her. He didn’t want to go over the bridge to he kept rearing and was just a bear overall. The thing I noticed though was that he was just being a brat and taking advantage of his mothers kind nature, not that we was worried about doing any of the obstacles. Watching him with his mother I decided to let go of placings and use my time on the ground to teach him that he has to do things even if he doesn’t want to.

To be continued…


7 thoughts on “My first time showing in hand – Part 3

  1. Wonderful!! We call halter class the horsey beauty pageant without the talent. It’s fun to win but what a boring class…all that prep work just to jog out and stand for inspection. Booooring!

    Showmanship is more fun – at least you get to show off your horse’s ability to work with you and you get to have a little flash yourself in showing him off!

    Can’t wait to hear about the trail class if he was so bad for his Mom. That’s our favorite class – and our horse’s too I’m quite sure. It’s a “thinking” class.

  2. I love the mini, too. I call that picture, “Open Halter.” Made me laugh. Congrats on the ribbon. Your smile and that shiny clean horse of yours said it all.

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