My first time showing in hand – Part 1

So I just realized that I never wrote up my first in hand show! I wanted to make sure to do it this week because…drum roll please…I have my second one (and last show of the year) on Saturday. Please ignore my outfit, I don’t know what I was thinking…I clearly wanted to look frumpy and unkempt 😛

So I went to this show series with Phoenix and fell in love with it. It is held at a back yard barn and it is super low key. The people are fun and it is just a really good horse show. When I was able to talk my friend in to going and she let me show her horse In Hand I was just super excited, even though I have never done an In Hand class before. I took all your advice and now I can tell you how it went!

So the style of In Hand at this show is more Quarter Horse and less Sport Horse. Since this show is so low key I was not that worried about making a fool out of myself. Getting ready we decided against braiding. The horse also hates clippers so we left him with a hairy face. He did get a bath so he could be all nice and shinning white. This paint is adorable, but super lazy and super spoiled. His owner got him as a 2 year old and had trained him herself. While he was drying from the bath I practiced a little and was surprised at the horses lack of respect already!

We were running late so we loaded up and headed over. Luckily, the show started late so we had plenty of time to do one last go over and make sure that we looked as good as we could possibly look. The first class was showmanship. The one class that I really had no idea what I was doing! They gave us a pattern which was pretty easy and lined us up. I looked around and instead of seeing 3-4 people doing In Hand, we had over a full class. If I wanted a ribbon I was going to have to earn it.


3 thoughts on “My first time showing in hand – Part 1

  1. Back in the way, like WAY back ;o), I showed AQHA and the in-hand classes were just called “halter.” You entered whatever class your horse was, gender by age. There wasn’t showmanship or anything else for junior handlers, and I left the AQHA circuit in the late 1970s, so I didn’t know about what all they do today. It is an entirely new world out there. Different, too.

    I thought you looked very nice–neatly put together, and the horse looks shiny in all the right places, too. Good job!

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