Still Scared…but I did a canter half pass!

So I am still a bit weary of the Schoolmaster. I know I should be over my little spill by now, but for some reason it is still making me nervous. I have always had fear issues with riding. When I first started with my trainer 13 year ago I had been riding for several years and my fear issues were so bad that I would only walk! She had me back to to normal (w/t/c and jumping) within a few weeks. I trust her, she knows when to push and when to just let things be. So knowing I can get over my fear issues makes me even more mad that I have them!

I am fully aware that I get like this sometimes. I also know that get over it. My trainer has always said that I am allowed to be scared in my head as long as it doesn’t show in my body. So for the past several weeks I have been working on still riding and using my body correctly, even though my brain is not in the best of places. I know I am fine, I just get nervous and over correct for each spook. The good thing is that when people watch me ride they don’t seem to notice I am a little worried so at least I am living my trainers fear mantra.

So yesterday I had a lesson and it was going well. The best way I have found to combat my nerves is to keep busy, something my trainer is more than happy to go along with! That means not a lot of beaks and being totally focused my whole lesson. The Schoolmaster was in a good mood and being perfect so I had a feeling it would be a good lesson. Towards the end my trainer and I were working on lateral work at the trot making it progressively harder. We went from leg yields to shoulder ins to haunches in. I was starting to get tuckered out when my trainer told me to pick up the canter. My first response was “why?”. She told me to not think and just do it. After getting a nice forward canter she told me to come to the centerline and half pass out. I answered back that there was no way I could do that. She told me to just try. So I took a deep breath turned down the center line and focused on shoulder in on the diagonal line.

And guess what? IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I half passed!

It is one of the coolest feelings ever!!!!! I did a simple lead change because I was getting tired instead of doing the work for the flying change and went to try it in the other direction. My first canter half pass was clean and beautiful! My second was a mess. That was okay though because I would expect something to not be great when I am learning. I was so happy I did it though! So now I can say that I can leg yield, haunches in, shoulders in and half pass at all three gaits!!! I can’t wait to ride again on Wednesday! Maybe doing fancy things is just what I need to stop being a baby!


4 thoughts on “Still Scared…but I did a canter half pass!

  1. I’m so glad your trainer made you push thru your fear. The Schoolmaster will be able to teach you a lot, if you let him!
    Kudos to the 3 of you!

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