Are you excited for WEGs?

So with only 3 days to go until WEGs a lot of people are in fever pitch. I am sad to say that while I think it is cool…I am not that terribly excited. I am looking forward to reading the Regarding Horses Blog and watching the NBC coverage Sunday at Noon, but I am not planning my life around it. I will say that I did get a spark of excitement knowing that watching this 30 second promo on the today show! Anyone super excited about it? Or are there more people like me out there who are a bit indifferent about it?


6 thoughts on “Are you excited for WEGs?

  1. I’m pretty indifferent about it… I might have been more excited if I had been able to go, but it seems like a lot of components of the planning and organization left something to be desired — part of the reason I’m not going is because the volunteer coordinators took so long to get back to me!

    I do hope it pans out well, though, because then maybe the WEGs will return to the US soon!

  2. I am pretty indifferent about it also, but for different reasons. I follow the Carriage Driving List where WEG is a big discussion and many are going. Extra tickets needed are passed from those finding they have extra. I am pretty unfamiliar with the driving competitors and can’t really see myself as a competitor even at lower level local events since I am a beginner and my horse is 20.
    When I rode dressage, I knew all the top competitors and their horses. I was familiar with the judges. I was a fan. I also knew all the who’s who locally. Who trained which rider, which horse.
    When I could no longer do it myself, the pain of the loss was too much. I couldn’t watch it. I couldn’t follow it. I couldn’t care. It broke my heart to have an opinion.
    Today, I am so far removed from knowing anything about cometitive dressage that it’s like I have been in a time capsule for 10 years.
    I have friends who ride dressage and love it. How cool for them. I am interested in knowing how they are doing.
    One day I may be familiar enough with combined driving to know what is going on with that.

  3. I am thrilled to be going to Lexington for the dressage portion of the WEG. I am thrilled to be able to watch Pikardi compete for Canada – he and my horse have the same sire. I admire Stephen Peters. I love Lexington. I just can’t wait.

  4. I think I will finally start to get excited when I get on the road to Lexington Friday morning. Right now I have way too much to do first. I get a little aflutter when I think about how relaxing and thrilling it’s going to be to sit and watch the best dressage horses in the world go through their tests on Tuesday. You can bet I’ll be thinking of you!

  5. I cant WAIT! I go the 1st-3rd of Oct. to watch Eventing, since I compete in Eventing and I really cant wait.
    At first I was really annoyed with the event coordinators since I signed up to volunteer and didnt hear back from anyone for MONTHS and I am more than qualified to be a freaking score runner and jump judge but hey whatever.
    My boyfriend knew I was upset since I cant afford tickets and he bought me them instead! So not only am I excited to go watch, but to go watch with him so he can see what I do and help cheer on our American athletes in beating some German butt (Hopefully).
    Its quite exciting to see some the best equine atheletes in world here in our backyard!

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