I am going to have the happiest pony this week…

So I went to the grocery store this morning to get food for the week and guess what was on sale?

Gen’s favorite treat in the whole wide world…

Brown pears!

I found out that Gen liked brown pears years ago when I boarded at a place that had some fruit trees. All of the other horses would love to go over to the mini orchard and eat the apples. I knew that Gen was not a fan of apples, but I figured that it was worth a try to see if he would eat them fresh off the tree so I brought him over. He refused to try the apples, but was willing to at least smell the ground near where they were so I let him. He smelled his way all the way over to the other side of fruit trees to where the pears were located. He then grabbed one from the ground and started munching. At that time I had no idea if pears were okay for horses or not, and regardless it had fallen on the ground so I didn’t want him to eat it so I tried to get him to spit it back out to no avail. Once he had the first pear, he wanted them all. It was a big fight to drag him away that day. I brought him back to that area the next day to see if it was a fluke, but it was not. Gen had found a treat that he really loved…Pears! A unique favorite treat for unique horse.


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