Deal Alert – Knee Socks

So like most “horse poor” people, I LOVE a good deal. I especially love getting a good deal on a horse related item from a not horsey place. That is why I have to tell you about a great deal on tall socks.

I was shocked this spring when I had to buy new socks to wear to the barn and saw that they were anywhere from $925! I know that cute socks are priceless, but considering I go through socks pretty quickly it just seems silly to spend so much money on them. I have spent $16 on socks before only to have them get holes in the toes or heel after 2 wears, but at the same time it is not like you can find knee socks just anywhere.

So imagine the greatness when I was walking around the sock section in Target and saw a whole area of knee socks! Like over 20 different kinds, all of them cute. And even better…they are ALL ONLY $2!!!! Can you beat that!?!?! I don’t think so!

So of course I bought a ton of pairs and I think you all should too! I went to a different Target and the great sock deal seems to be in every store. Or at least they were in every store. You see, I went this past weekend and the display was gone. I found a few pairs of socks left on sale (for $1.40) that I bought, but clearly this deal was too good to be true so it is going away. If you love socks like I do you better hurry and get some soon!


3 thoughts on “Deal Alert – Knee Socks

  1. Target seems to get socks in bunches, and they at most cost about $4. I have about 10 pairs I bought when they were clearing out their seasonal stock in the spring, and imagine the fall socks will be in soon to replenish their supply! 🙂

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