I think I would die if I ever had to witness an accident like this one!

“A 5-year-old horse miraculously survived a Tuesday afternoon accident off Interstate 20 in Monroe after the trailer the animal was traveling in flipped over several times.The horse’s owner, 21-year old Charles Dade Jr. of Monroe, said the trailer detached from his 1987 Chevrolet truck after he hit “a hump” on westbound 1-20 approaching the Texas Avenue exit.Don Ashley, who was driving on a nearby overpass, said he saw the trailer flipping and immediately called 9-1-1 around 1:15 p.m.

Ashley said the trailer flipped over “at least two to three times.”

Cpl. Dewayne Crowder with Monroe Police said the trailer came to a stop in an adjacent stretch of grass after colliding with a guard rail.

Princess, a brown and white mare, was inside the trailer and lay on her side with her head resting on the grass as Monroe firefighters and police officers waited for veterinarians to arrive.

It appeared the horse was in pain as she lay with her head and neck outside the trailer and the rest of her body pinned inside.

But Princess attempted to wrench herself up several times and began to stand up before falling down.

More than an hour after being pinned down, the horse broke through the trailer and stood up.Five minutes later, veterinarians from Cooper Veterinary Hospital in West Monroe arrived with another trailer.

Veterinarian Lauren Tucker-Taylor gave Princess a pain-killing and anti inflammatory shot as other veterinarians deliberately brushed their hands along Princess’ legs and torso, checking for injuries and attempting to comfort the traumatized horse.

The veterinary team slowly coaxed a reluctant Princess into the new trailer and took the animal to the hospital for treatment.

Tucker-Taylor said the accident punctured the globe of Princess’ right eye, which the horse was likely to lose.

Princess also suffered superficial abrasions, but Tucker-Taylor said the animal was doing “great” at the hospital early Tuesday evening.

She said the hospital would likely know more about the horse’s condition Wednesday.

Dade said that he was actually transporting Princess to the veterinary hospital before the accident because the horse was sick.

Police charged Dade with careless operation and driving with a suspended license.

According to 4th District Court records, Dade’s license was suspended in January after he failed to appear at a hearing on a traffic violation.”


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