Anky Reining…

So I was asked why I don’t like Anky. The answer is simple. I was always taught to do what is right and to treat animals and people fairly. Anky does neither of those things and has been widely successful. I guess you could call it self righteousness.  She breaks horses all the time with her training (I know one personally so  I know it is not hearsay) and yet she still wins and I think that is wrong. I fell in love with dressage because it is all about training, yet she wins the Olympics with a horse who will not halt and carries a lot of tension. I know that she is not 100% to blame for ruining modern dressage, but for me she is the easiest person to pin point as to where things all went wrong. So no, I have never had a conversation with her. And no, I am not a Grand Prix rider. For a lot of you that means that I am just some bitchy blogger hiding behind her computer. So be it. I don’t like her and I don’t have to. I hope that this will be my last post having to do with her for a while…I am sick of talking about her!

Now on to something a little bit different. Anky is going to WEGs for reining…so here is a video I was able to find of her in her new discipline.


8 thoughts on “Anky Reining…

  1. I didn’t watch but the first minute of her ride.

    And you know what?

    She better bring on better than that.

    Our US Reining Riders, are going to Kick Her Tooshie Tailfeathers!
    Go!! Team Go!!!

  2. I think how she handles the reining horses are fine, what bugs me is she has only done this for how long and she is in the Olympics? I mean I have friends who can rein better then that and just doing schooling shows. It is really not fair, for the people who never been to the olympics and this woman has been in the olympics how many times.

  3. I must agree w/ the first commenter. She’s got to bring more than that if she’s gonna do anything in reining!
    IM (not so?)HO, the dutch are not really “in the running” for reining. Amreicans are the powerhouse in this event & if I had to put my $ on any european country it would be Italy-reining is HUGE there.
    I only think this b/c I live in TX, my neighbors for about 6 miles out are reiners or cutters or they breed for reiners or cutters & are at the top of the game. Its all anyone ever talks about. This here DQ is a bit out of place!

  4. I just don’t get it…I ride western, actually scratch that, I ride trail…if there is such a thing. I like watching dressage but i don’t really get that either, but i understand it better than western. I think the horses are beautiful and graceful but I don’t get riding in circles or along the rails. And western I just don’t get at all. What’s the big deal about loping in circles or a sliding stop? I’d like to see these western riding princesses cantering as fast as you can along a trail sometimes just wide enough for the horse dodging around trees, jumping fallen trees, ducking low branches, splashing through creeks and stopping when you say whoa so you don’t run over the walker and his dog. Now that is fun to me.

  5. One of my favorite quotes from a clinic auditor was “I may not be able to lay an egg, but I still know a good egg from a bad egg.” It applies very much to riding — there are quite a lot of people who may not have the ability or the circumstances to be able to show at the upper levels, or to ride at all, but they can certainly still tell the difference between good riding and bad riding, and good and bad horsemanship as well.

    Any time people defend bad things from upper level riders, it sounds to me a lot like reality TV stars going “YOU DON’T KNOW ME.”

    I know very little about reining but my friends who ride and watch it have told me that Anky’s reining patterns are very similar to her dressage tests — some big technical faults like not halting completely or not spinning correctly, but still somehow managing to score well.

  6. I’m glad you bring attention to how she has damaged dressage. Thank you for doing it. What she and her husband do absolutely disgusts me beyond words. You and others are building a ground swell of back lash against her – good!

  7. I’m with you,I don’t like her either. But I think it’s good to talk about her and her husband. It lets people know how wrong what they(and others) do. How they harm the sport and the horses that are at their tortuous mercy. The more people gripe about this the more attention and support we get for riders who do it right and care about the treatment of their horses.

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