Astrid Appels you are my hero!

Anky has decided to drop the lawsuit against Astrid. It makes me think wonder if Anky really had no idea that we all know her dirty little secret. I do wish that it had gone to court because I am sure Astrid would have won and again firmed up freedom of the press. At least more people know what bullies Anky and Sjef are now. If only we could get them to drop out of the horse world…


3 thoughts on “Astrid Appels you are my hero!

  1. While Anky et al are far above my level of competition and/or dressage skills, it’s nice to know that the good guys (and gals ;o) can win against them. The way to stop a bully in his/her tracks is to stand firm. Peace through strength. Bowing down or backing off only emboldens the bully behavior.

    Anky and Sjef have few if any world-class trainers supporting their rather abusive–dare we say “inhumane”–methods of training. Walter Zettl came out against rollkur at least two years ago, and while his condemnation of it was only in one article that I saw, he has far more “arena cred” as far as I’m concerned.

    Watching Anky win gold medals with astronomic scores in the last two Olympics with her non-halts, spinouts instead of canter pirouettes, and missed changes in the various tempis soured me against the whole Olympic judging process. Having the winners decided before the competition in ANY sport sours those of us who make up the majority of competitors. Personally I am glad that the WEG at the end of the month will be Anky-free.

  2. I agree, I don’t know why we let Dressage get so out of wack. People like Anky needs to leave the sport if this is how they are going to train there partners. Its not fair to the horse. After all, is that not the reason why we got into the horses in the first place?

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