Product Review – Tough 1 600D Waterproof Poly Camo Blanket

Sorry for the stock photo, but I wanted to review this blanket. I left the blanket with Phoenix so it is not like I could just take a picture of it. I also love this picture and it makes me smile to think back on all the good times with Phoenix.

So I bought this blanket for after Phoenix killed his other medium weight at the start of winter. I try and buy all my blankets in the spring and summer when they are on sale, but since this was not possible last year I tried to find a good inexpensive blanket for the fat spotted pony. When I saw a blanket with purple camouflage for only $50 with free shipping, well, I knew I found the one.

I ordered it and was so excited when it came that I rushed right to the barn to try it on Phoenix. It fit him a little weird. It was long on his sides and the hole for his neck was kind of high up, but it fit him well enough to be a keeper. I knew it was cheap, but Phoenix tends to go easy on blankets (he didn’t even used to roll everyday) so I hoped it would at least last through the rest of the winter. For the first half of the winter it worked great. It was waterproof like they claimed and it kept Phoenix nice and toasty.

In January the Nice Local Trainer was mixing up the turnout herd and tried Phoenix out with the Young Stallion. The Stallion was used to having another gelding out with him, but he was only 2 going on three and wanted to PLAY. The blanket couldn’t really hold up to that and there were rips in the shoulder and the butt area. The Young Stallion made the blanket look more like it was made out of paper and not a heavy duty waterproof fabric! It only took one tug for holes to form which took away the water proofness of the blanket and in turn took away the warmth protection. It now could only be used as an under blanket.

I know it was not very expensive, but I had hoped to at least get a year out of it. For $50 and having it only survive a single day out with a friend clearly meant it was not worth it at all. Knowing how easy Phoenix used to be on blankets I cannot recommend this blanket to anyone. It couldn’t hold up to a little pony play time, which means that most horses would have it shredded in no time flat. Yes, the blanket is hysterical looking, but as fun as purple camo is, the design cannot make up for cheap materials. If you are thinking of buying this blanket, don’t. Spend a little more money and get a blanket that is going to last.


5 thoughts on “Product Review – Tough 1 600D Waterproof Poly Camo Blanket

  1. I, too, would have had a hard time passing up purple camo for $50! But over the years I’ve found that the 600 Denier products never hold up well. 1200 Denier is the way to go. You still have the possibility of crappy workmanship, cheap hardware, etc. but at least the fabric is more durable.

  2. I too have had trouble with this blanket. It is wet underneath when I take it off in the AM. I can’t figure out why. No rain, very low humidity. This AM when I took it off the lining was frozen. That’s right frozen! it was 14 degrees last night but vary dry. I couldn’t fold it to take it off. Weird banket. I hate it. I too bought it on line for $61.00. I have contacted JT Co several times, several way with no response.

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