Courtney King-Dye Update from Aug 30th

Here is a link to Courtney’s latest post.

Her last line is “Hopefully more (and something miraculous) soon!”

I feel like her tag ling should be something miraculous. You know, like under her logo it should say something miraculous. Even if Courtney is never show ring ready I know that she is going to continue to add a lot to our sport. Her grace is what sets her apart from so many other riders. The cool thing is that she had maintained her grace even after an accident that would have had most people giving up on life, let alone horses.

I will admit that I have been feeling a little down about horses as of late. Everything else is great in my life, but going to the barn to see Gen has not been the relaxing oasis that it should be. Reading that post reminds me that I am so lucky to be able to walk in to the barn everyday to see my boy. If Courtney Dye can have a positive attitude there is no reason that I shouldn’t also.


One thought on “Courtney King-Dye Update from Aug 30th

  1. There are some times when I just think to myself “I own a horse.” Not everyone owns a horse – not even everyone who wants to. I’m proud to wear hay in my hair at the grocery store, my breeches at the local deli, and dusty paddock boots (with shorts) at the bank. I own a horse. A wonderful, funny, athletic, talented, beautiful, kind, fun horse.

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