Volunteering at the 2010 Dressage WEG selection trials…

Sorry for the lack of pictures, but I forgot the cord to connect my camera to my computer at home (I am pet sitting). I just wanted to do a relatively quick post about yesterday at the 2010 Festival of Champions before I forget anything! The only classes that took place were the Junior riders and the Grand Prix class. It was a short day (volunteers only had to be there from 9am-4pm) but overall it was pretty fun.

One thing I was super happy to find out about right off the top was the fact that now everyone can park on the USET grounds. In the past, on big days, they would make you park at a different location and take a bus up. Now they use their top field for parking making it easy to just walk over to the ring. Parking is still $20 per car, but if you get a car full of barn friends it is not too bad. Being a volunteer we parked for free which was nice.

Walking up to the ring I got to see how nicely they have redone the indoor. The footing looked great and it was much brighter! I checked in and was given a really nice polo shirt and a bag full of goodies so I was already pretty happy when they told me what my job was for the day…I was just supposed to post the scores. That would mean just getting them from the scoring room and walking 20 feet and writing it on a big sheet of paper for all to see. I was excited because that meant I would get to watch most of the rides!

Things didn’t exactly work out like that though and I ended up getting pulled into the scoring room and working as the score check person. All well. So much for seeing all of the show! It was a neat job anyway though because we had to get the final scores posted to the Internet before the end of the next ride so it was a good time. It was great to watch the Juniors who are all under 16 years old in their awards ceremony. A rider, Genay Vaughn, had a horse who was not being so good in the honor lap so she smartly leaned forward and grabbed the rosette off his face while he was leaping in the air! It was impressive.

At lunch time I found out that I had won a volunteer prize (as most of us volunteers did). I got lucky though because mine was a gift certificate for a free chiro appointment for Gen. The barn owner got a message from Gen’s message therapist so I am trying to get her to trade with me! After lunch it was time for the Grand Prix tests. I did not get to watch a lot of the tests, but from the little I did see I have the feeling that the US is going to get our butts kicked at WEGs in dressage.

It was announced that Steffen Peter’s had petitioned on the team and that he is taking the red eye out to New Jersey on Sat night so he could be there in order to commentate and join his teammates at the end of the show on Sunday. Tina Konyot and Calecto V ended up winning again so they are pretty much a lock for the second spot. The high score of the day was only a 71.319% by Tina so I don’t know if they judges were just tough or if people were having a rough day.

It was a fun day and I am glad I went. I think I will volunteer again next year. I don’t think I will go and be a spectator though because I still feel like a lot of the magic is gone from this show. Even seeing George Williams and Scott Hassler hanging out or watching some of the riders walking around their dogs or shopping at the stands just wasn’t the same.

Here are the results of the Grand Prix class for Friday, August 13th if anyone cares…

1) Tina Konyot on Calecto V with a 71.319%

2) Todd Flettrich on Otto with a 69.787%

3) Pierre St Jacques on Lucky Tiger with a 69.489%

4) Catherine Haddad on Winyamaro with a 69.149%

5) Katherine Bateson on Nartan with a 69.021%

6) Jan Ebeling on Rafalca with a 68.170%

7) Adrienne Lyle on Wizard with a 67.106%

8) Susan Blinks (who wore a helmet) on Robin Hood with a 66.809%

Tied 8) Leslie Morse on Tip Top 962 with a 66.809%

10) Shawna Harding on Come On III with a 66.766%

11) Jan Ebeling on Sandrina with a 64.213%


12) Lauren Sammis (who also wore a helmet!!) on Sagacious HF with a 62.170%