See…God wants Gen retired…

So it has not rained here for WEEKS. Weeks! So guess what is was doing at 4pm today (right when my lesson was supposed to happen)? It RAINED! Considering how naughty my boy has been in the heat we figured that colder and rainy was not the time to get on with the intention of deciding whether or not to re-retire him. I am leaning towards just making him a pasture pet again. Why? Because while I was getting dressed for my lesson I actually had the thought to get clean undies on in case the EMTs had to cut anything away. That is NOT the right attitude to have about riding your horse! Both my trainer and the barn owner have asked me to not make any decisions yet.

I know I could fix the naughty if I could ride ride Gen. With the medical restriction I can only walk. I just don’t know if I can figure out his brain with only being able to walk. It does not help that Gen has been in a totally bad mood for days now (including breaking a fence post). The barn owner thinks he is just mad at me because I am mad at him for being such a smuck when I ride him. He has been snuggling with her as of late since he is not getting his hour long admiration session with me as of late. Yet another reason I am thinking this riding thing is not going to work out.

I promised I would not jump to any conclusions so I wont. Time will tell. But I do think the fact that it has not rained for weeks only to rain for the hour of my lesson speaks volumes!


4 thoughts on “See…God wants Gen retired…

  1. Can you afford to hire a pro or catch rider to get on Gen through these first weeks???? It is normal and to be expected that a horse that has been laid up to act out when first put back to work….it can take a month or longer to get a horse back into the swing of things… sound like you are having a crisis of confidence just now about riding.This isn’t good for either of you, as Gen needs a brave rider to get him forward in a moment of naughtiness. And you must be able to NOT back off if he acts out!

    He may not need to retire but simply be ridden by a brave pro until he has his condition and sensibility brought back….

    Don’t give up prematurely….you will always wonder if you did the right thing…

  2. Also….be careful that you are not anthromorphizing his behavior with the barn owner. Horses can be affectionate without switching loyalties! Sounds tome like he needs to go back to work…..horses don’t get “mad” at people…but an underworked animal gets sour, takes on undesirable ground manners…..horses NEED to move….

  3. Quiet your mind and listen to Gen. Listen with an open and loving heart. He will tell you what you need to know.

  4. I find that typically when I am anthropomorphizing my horse’s behavior (which I practice on a regular basis) it’s usually because I don’t want to admit what I really want. There are ways in which you could make riding him work (calming supplements, a pro rider, smaller riding space, etc.) but if it’s not what you really want, maybe it’s not worth it. You could probably find a way to make it safe and comfortable for you to ride him. I’m almost sure of it. If, however, you’re happier when he’s a pasture pet, that might be your answer.

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